Computers, printers and AV

Last changed: 29 February 2016

Support for IT, printers and AV is provided by SLUs IT-Support.

IT Support for office computers :
Is managed by the IT department's support function . If you need help or support, use the web form, or call short number 6600. (018-676600)

Printers / Copiers:
In Umeå there are a number of copy rooms per floor and each department has its post room/area and supplies near the copy room closest to them. The printers / copiers are in many cases linked to SLU -Print system , which means that you can print and copy using your keycard. Read more about SLU Print for employees here.

Service is done regularly on the SLU printers and the IT-department ensures that there is paper and refills each printer when needed.

Fax machine function is available at the printer located in the Administration / SBT's printer room in corridor A3

Audio / Video Support :
Technical service and support for audio, visual and video conferencing is managed by AV-support in collaboration with SLU Service .

Read more about booking videoconference.