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VH faculty board, May 2021

Published: 11 May 2021

May 5th was a chilly day and absolutely no day when someone in the faculty board felt like "Maja". We all sat safely behind our screens and discussed today's points.

Intervju with Rauni

The board decided to propose the Vice-Chancellor to employ Gunnar Pejler as a guestprofessor of medical and physiological chemistry. Gunnar will be a strong resource in several areas and the collaboration with Uppsala University will be strengthened and developed.

There is a new way of working regarding higher employment. The departments, together with the faculty board, will screen and evaluate employment with the help of a survey tool and a morphological analysis. The analyzes are summarized and provide information to the faculty board to assess employment. An important advantage is that there will be more equal data.

The faculty's strategy and business plan have been decided. Now begins the work of implementation, communication and working with activities to achieve the goals. Many of the activities are already underway and there is a clear plan for 2021 linked to the strategy's focus areas and established activities.

The faculty board's term of office is coming to an end and a nomination committee is set where Karin Vargmar leads the work as chairman with the support of Tomas Bergström as vice chairman. The board has also made an evaluation of working methods with lessons learned and thoughts that have been captured to get a good handover to help the new board to quickly enter into routines.