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Diss Anna Edvardsson Rasmussen

Extended voluntary waiting period before first insemination in primiparous dairy cows. Effects on milk production, fertility, and health sofia.webering.ekberg@slu.se Anna Edvardsson Rasmussen

Exotic tree species in the forest mean loss of grazing land for reindeer

Semi-domesticated reindeer avoid winter habitats with exotic lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta), introduced from Northern America. Reduced food supply and dense stands probably contribute to the

Feed Additive to Reduce Methane Emissions from Cows Tested in Sweden

Does a methane-inhibiting feed additive work better when cows are fed with high-fat Swedish oats? That's what Mohammad Ramin's research team at SLU in Umeå aims to find out. The additive Bovaer (DSM,

Gun Bernes

gun.bernes@slu.se I am a researcher and work with small ruminants and dairy cows. The projects mainly deal with feeding, animal husbandry, animal products and buildings. In addition to research, I

Nailing Hanna Palmqvist

Nailing Hanna Palmqvist marie.liljeholm@slu.se On Thursday 28th of September at 15.00, Hanna Palmqvist will nail her thesis with the title: “Whole grain cereals in dog food – effects on metabolism

Nailing: Anna Edvardsson Rasmussen

marie.liljeholm@slu.se Welcome to participate when Anna Erlandsson Rasmussen nails her thesis with the title:“Extended voluntary waiting period before first insemination in primiparous dairy cows -

Half-time seminar Markos Managos

Half-time seminar Markos Managos marie.liljeholm@slu.se Markos will present his PhD work in the project “Lifetime net GHG emissions and contribution to the food system from dairy cows fed best

VHresearch day

VH Faculty research day joanna.hagstroms@slu.se Welcome to the VH-faculty research day on Friday the 25th of August. On the VH-faculty research day you will have the opportunity to hear about some

Futures for agriculture what is the role for science

Futures for agriculture: What is the role for science? futurefood@slu.se Welcome to a half day colloquium on how presuppositions and values shape research on sustainable agriculture. With the three

SLU invests in sustainable fish farming with support from the Kamprad Family Foundation

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, has been granted a funding of 23 million SEK over five years from the Kamprad Family Foundation for the development of sustainable fish farming

DT IGAD publication

Now the first project summary is published for the SLU-led project Drylands Transform. One of the collaborating organisations in the project is IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) who

Five new doctoral theses from HUV

During spring, we had a total of five PhD dissertations at HUV. Here you will find information about these and links to the theses. Leon Niyibizi defended his thesis on April 18: Evaluation of