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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VH)

The VH faculty's mission is to conduct high-quality academic research and teaching in the field of veterinary medicine and animal science. We are engaged in most aspects of the life and welfare of domestic animals.

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The future of meat – workshop and discussion for SLU's students and employees futurefood@slu.se What role should meat play in our diets and culture? Which future is best for Swedish farmers? How

CRU Conference: From Gametes to (Epi)Genomics: The Symphony of Reproduction

cru@slu.se Please feel free to spread the invitation to colleagues who might be interested. Registration and abstract submission The abstract submission deadline is now extended until 15 December,

Equine welfare through the lens of the Five Domains

Postgraduate students, representatives from the equine industry, teachers and riding instructors came from as far as Australia, Canada, Spain, Hungary, Great Britain, Finland, Denmark and Sweden and

Advertisement Vice-Chancellor collaboration duties

Eligible applicants are permanent employees at SLU with experience in collaboration with stakeholders, a good ability to communicate in Swedish and English, and who have been appointed as docent or

Sara Frosth

sara.frosth@slu.se I am a doctoral biotechnologist with an interest in veterinary bacteriology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, protein technology, vaccinology and more! I did my doctoral work on

ABH PhD day

30 doctoral students lectured in 10-minute sessions during a full day at the Loft. We got to listen to exciting talks with titles like "Is Milk Production Linked to Social Interactions" and "

Diss Marie Eisersiö

Straight from the horse’s mouth. What we can learn about rein tension by observing horse behaviour sofia.webering.ekberg@slu.se Marie Eisersiö defends her thesis: Straight from the horse’s mouth.

CRU PhD student course: Comparative reproductive biotechnologies

cru@slu.se The aim of the course is to expand the participants’ knowledge and understanding of reproductive biotechnologies in vertebrate animals and humans. Comparative aspects of reproductive

New head of development

On November 1, Mårten Hetta took up his new assignment as development manager for barn operations at VH. The assignment is newly established and a function in the new organization at the faculty. The

Odd Höglund

odd.hoglund@slu.se I am senior lecturer in translational veterinary medicine, with special responsibility for extension. Background: I am a veterinarian, PhD (Clinical Science, Surgery) and

New scholarship instituted for parasitology thesis

Vidilab/kollamasken, veterinary medical laboratory in Enköping has established a scholarship in memory of Olle Nilsson. Olle (also called Mask-Olle) was a prominent figure in veterinary parasitology.

Threats and violence in close relationships with a connection to animals

The County Administrative Board and SLU invited veterinarians and other personnel who work in animal health care to learn to see the connection between animals and threats and violence in close