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Department of Animal Environment and Health

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5th Animal Welfare Workshop

5th Animal Welfare Workshop josefina.zidar@slu.se Welcome to the 5th Animal Welfare workshop. The 5th Animal Welfare workshop will be arranged at HMH the 25th of October. We will get a general

VHresearch day

VH Faculty research day joanna.hagstroms@slu.se Welcome to the VH-faculty research day on Friday the 25th of August. On the VH-faculty research day you will have the opportunity to hear about some

Anders Karlsson

anders.h.karlsson@slu.se I am an animal scientist and professor of meat science. My main interest is questions related to how production factors affect the eating quality of meat. In addition, I am

Futures for agriculture what is the role for science

Futures for agriculture: What is the role for science? futurefood@slu.se Welcome to a half day colloquium on how presuppositions and values shape research on sustainable agriculture. With the three

Lina Göransson

lina.goransson@slu.se I am a researcher at the Department of Animal Environment and Health, at the Section of Environment, Care and Herd Health, in Skara. My main interest is farm animal welfare,

SLU Future Forests arranges an excursion in Gällivare

SLU Future Forests arranges an excursion in Gällivare viktor.karlsson@slu.se Welcome to our excursion where our main theme will be "Adapted forestry measures for the creation of functional reindeer

Meat: the Four Futures

Are our choices in the grocery store based on facts, values, habits, or simply a gut feeling of what feels right? TABLE, a platform run by three European universities, is now launching a podcast that

SLU Future Forests arranges an excursion

SLU Future Forests arranges an excursion in Uppsala viktor.karlsson@slu.se Welcome to a day where we will present new research results with practical forestry in an urban context. Participants at

Ivana Rodriguez Ewerlöf

ivana.rodriguez.ewerlof@slu.se Research area: Disease spread modelling, network analysis of animal movements, digitalisation, animal health and welfare. I am employed by the Swedish National

UF seed funding - Urban Healthscapes

SLU Urban Futures' hub in Alnarp issues seed funding grants that support efforts to strengthen SLU’s interdisciplinary expertise on urban healthscapes. This call is open to all researchers at SLU,

Sofia Wilhelmsson

sofia.wilhelmsson@slu.se I defended my thesis called "There's no time to rush! - pigs’ and transport drivers’ welfare and interactions during slaughter transport" in June 2022. It was a

Dissertation Elin Stenberg

Dissertation Elin Stenberg sofia.webering.ekberg@slu.se Elin Stenberg defends her thesis: There is no easy answer – factors affecting meat quality in lambs Please click the link below to