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Equine Science Unit

The Equine Science Unit is responsible for the Equine Science Programme. It is the only Swedish university programme specialised in equine science.

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Threats and violence in close relationships with a connection to animals

The County Administrative Board and SLU invited veterinarians and other personnel who work in animal health care to learn to see the connection between animals and threats and violence in close

VHresearch day

VH Faculty research day joanna.hagstroms@slu.se Welcome to the VH-faculty research day on Friday the 25th of August. On the VH-faculty research day you will have the opportunity to hear about some

Marie Rhodin

marie.rhodin@slu.se I am working as a researcher, clinician (equine orthopaedics) and teacher. My main interest is orthopaedics and clinical biomechanics in horses. I am studying orthopaedic

Nina Alveheim Känsälä

nina.kansala@slu.se After a career as a professional rider and trainer in dressage, I started to study animal science. Nowadays I combine them - the daily training with horses and students and life

Mohammad Hossein Banabazi

mohammad.hossein.banabazi@slu.se I'm the researcher at the quantitative genetics group at the department of animal genetics and breeding (HGEN), Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Center (VHC),

Theodoros Ntallaris

theodoros.ntallaris@slu.se I am a clinical academic especially interested in animal herd health issues, reproductive physiology, biotechnology, and antimicrobial resistance. My main area is in