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Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics

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Unify breeding at SLU

Unify breeding at SLU katja.fedrowitz@slu.se A one day kick-off workshop for everyone working with breeding at SLU. The aim is to strengthen the internal network as well as to get some inspiring

Modernization of the 40-year breeding program for Arctic charr

The Swedish breeding program for Arctic charr has been run successfully for almost forty years. Breeding has been based on classic selection methods where family groups with good qualities, for

Biotechnology for Sustainability – Final report from Mistra Biotech 2012-2020

Mistra Biotech is a Swedish research programme that has been working for eight years to advance the use of modern biotechnology for a more sustainable agriculture. We have done this on a broad basis,

Amrei Binzer-Panchal

Director and coordinator of the SLU Bioinformatics Infrastructure (SLUBI). Amrei is the director and coordinator of SLUBI, an infrastructure that provides support and training in bioinformatics for

Yearbook Hgen 2020

We have created a yearbook with some examples from our research and other events. Read more about some highlights of our research, multidisciplinary projects, new PhD students and teaching and

Sandra Bonow

I completed my MSc in Animal Science at SLU in 2014. In my master thesis I analyzed the results from the newly introduced linear descriptions at the young horse performance test for Swedish Warmblood

Open trial lecture for the position as professor in ruminant nutrition

marten.granert@slu.se The Department of Animal Nutrition and Management is in the process of recruiting a professor in ruminant nutrition and invites one candidate for trial lecture. The theme of

online course breeding

Better knowledge and skills in bioinformatics, programming and analysis of genomic data can improve breeding of livestock. In an ongoing course researchers from SLU and ILRI are providing training

VH faculty board, May 2021

May 5th was a chilly day and absolutely no day when someone in the faculty board felt like "Maja". We all sat safely behind our screens and discussed today's points. Intervju with Rauni The board

VH:s fakultetsnämndsmöte 24 mars

Notes from VH's faculty board on 24th of March Raunis och Dirk-Jans report from the meeting Decisions The board decided to start recruiting a senior lecturer in bioinformatics. The need has been

Christian helps cows find the perfect partner

Christian Bengtsson is one of SLU's industrial PhD students in food research in the project LivsID. Now, he has come halfway in his project on breeding cows with the help of DNA information.

Workshop Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Precise Food Science Development

Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Precise Food Science Development natalie.von.der.lehr@slu.se A workshop organized by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the International