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Genomic haplotypes of Avian coronavirus

Avian coronavirus (AvCoV) is ubiquitously present on poultry as a multitude of virus lineages. Studies on AvCoV phenotypic traits are dependent on the isolation of field strains in chicken

Novel viruses found in ticks from bat caves in Brazil

In this study, we describe the viral composition of adult Antricola delacruzi ticks collected in a hot bat cave in the state of Rondônia, Western Amazonia, Brazil. A. delacruzi ticks, are special,

Effect of LED-light on equine wound healing

Light‐emitting diodes (LEDs) are commonly used for treating a variety of disorders in horses, including wounds. Despite its claim to shorten healing times, there is a lack of scientific documentation

Canine respiratory coronavirus in Swedish dogs

Canine respiratory coronavirus (CRCoV) has been identified as a causative agent of canine infectious respiratory disease, an upper respiratory infection affecting dogs. The epidemiology is currently

Campylobacter contamination when handling raw chicken

In many low- and middle-income countries, data limitations are a major challenge facing the development of food safety risk assessment. In the present study, a questionnaire data collection tool was

Horse parasites in a Nordic year-round grazing system

Grazing horses year-round may be a means to increase biodiversity. In this study, parasite occurrence was documented on a monthly basis in 1- to 3-year-old Gotlandsruss stallions grazed year-round

Are tick-borne diseases increasing in northern Sweden?

A changing climate means changing geographical distributions of infectious diseases, especially those that are transmitted by insects and ticks. In this project, ticks collected from animals and

Microfluidics - new parasite diagnostic method for horses

Horses are exposed to parasites in the pasture as they graze, and all horses have parasitic worm infections to some degree. Keeping many horses on a relatively small surface, which is common,

New method for examining anthelmintic resistance of the equine roundworm

The development of anthelmintic resistance in the equine roundworm is an increasing problem for foals in Sweden and the rest of the world. Infections can cause symptoms such as nasal discharge, cough

New innovative cell culture method for immunological studies of parasite infection in horses

Today, anthelmintic resistance in combination with an increased prevalence of parasites, especially large bloodworms, poses an increased threat to the horse industry, which increases the need for the

Serglycin, a new prognostic biomarker for cancer in dogs

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Krista Tuominen

Krista Tuominen

My PhD project focuses on developing a disease model to describe the spread of Livestock-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (LA-MRSA) in and between Swedish pig herds, and