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Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry

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Open call of two co-funded collaborative post doc projects

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at SLU hereby opens a call for co-funding of two post doc projects. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at SLU hereby opens a

Disputation: Novel insight of thymidylate kinase biochemistry

Dissertation: Novel Insight into Thymidylate Kinase: Biochemical Characterization of the Human and Zebrafish Enzymes Patrik.claesson@slu.se Junmei Hu Frisk defends his thesis: Novel Insight into

Artificial spider silk with a toughness equal to dragline silks can now be spun

Using spiders to produce spider silk on an industrial scale is impossible, but it is possible to use bacteria for production of shorter versions of spider silk proteins that can be isolated and spun

Maja Söderlind

My name is Maja Söderlind, I am a veterinarian and teacher at the department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry at SLU. I graduated as a veterinarian at Copenhagen University in Denmark, 2013,

Report from VH's Faculty Board meeting on 9th of June

This spring's last faculty board meeting is over. After some decisions, information points and discussions, a well-deserved summer now awaits all participants. Decisions taken The board decided to

Open trial lecture for the position as professor in ruminant nutrition

The Department of Animal Nutrition and Management is in the process of recruiting a professor in ruminant nutrition and invites one candidate for trial lecture. The theme of the lectures is "

Denise Söderroos

I am a PhD student in equine exercise physiology with focus on weight carrying capacity in Icelandic horses. The project is a collaboration between SLU and Hólar University College in Iceland The

VH faculty board, May 2021

May 5th was a chilly day and absolutely no day when someone in the faculty board felt like "Maja". We all sat safely behind our screens and discussed today's points. Intervju with Rauni The board

VH:s fakultetsnämndsmöte 24 mars

Notes from VH's faculty board on 24th of March Raunis och Dirk-Jans report from the meeting Decisions The board decided to start recruiting a senior lecturer in bioinformatics. The need has been

One Health webinar #9

One Health webinar #9 - Pia Haubro Andersen & Lena Lidfors futureonehealth@slu.se Effects of virtual forest and green multi-sensory indoor environments for increased well-being. New methods to

Srinivas Akula

My name is Srinivas Akula completed PhD in Molecular Immunology at Uppsala University. I am a positive person with a broad interest in life science. I have a passion for teaching and exciting

Dissertation-Louise Winblad von Walter

Dissertation: Physiological and behavioural responses to fear and discomfort in dogs and goats Louise Winblad von Walter defends her thesis "Physiological and behavioural responses to fear and