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Förbättrad kvalitet hos fryst baggsperma med ny metod

The cell membrane of ram spermatozoa is more sensitive to the freezing process than in other species due to its composition. As a result, the quality and viability of frozen thawed ram spermatozoa

Sjukdomsframkallande bakterier hos svenska vildsvin

Pure Eurasian wild boars and/or hybrids with domestic pigs are present in the wild on most continents. These wild pigs have been demonstrated to carry a large number of zoonotic and epizootic

Ny information om bukhinneinflammation hos häst

Peritonitis in horses is historically associated with prolonged treatment regimens of broad-spectrum antimicrobials and a guarded prognosis for survival. The condition is most often seen as a

Vilka hundraser drabbas av ortopedisk sjukdom?

A retrospective case–control study was conducted to estimate breed predisposition for common orthopaedic conditions in 12 popular dog breeds in Norway and Sweden. Orthopaedic conditions investigated

Låg nivå av fettransportör hos överviktiga hundar

The prevalence of overweight is increasing in dogs, but the metabolic events related to this condition are still poorly understood. The purpose of the study was to investigate the postprandial

Protein alterations during

Increased knowledge on serum protein profiles during early pregnancy in dogs would be valuable for several reasons, including animal welfare. Inflammatory changes during this period have been


AniLocoLab is a unique clinical gait laboratory that enables the study of movement in domesticated animals. AniLocoLab was made possible thanks to a infrastructure grant from SLU in 2015. The lab is

Metabolic inflexibility detected in overweight Labradors

Obesity in dogs is an increasing problem associated with morbidity, shortened life span and poor life quality. Overweight dogs exhibit postprandial hyperlipidaemia, highlighting the need to identify

Value of SDMA in detection of kidney disease in dogs

Early detection of decreased glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in dogs is challenging. Current methods are insensitive and new biomarkers are required. To compare overall diagnostic performance of

New method for removal of bacteria from boar semen

Antibiotics are added to semen extenders when preparing commercial semen doses for artificial insemination according to national and international guidelines. However, this addition of antibiotics

Bornavirus identified from a Swedish Blue-winged macaw

The genus Orthobornavirus comprises RNA viruses infecting humans, mammals, birds and reptiles, where parrot bornavirus 1 to 8 causes fatal neurological and/or gastrointestinal syndromes in

dissertation-Wiruntita Chankeaw

dissertation-Wiruntita Chankeaw

Dissertation: Impacts of fat mobilization on bovine endometrium function Wiruntita Chankeaw defends her thesis "Impacts of fat mobilization on bovine endometrium function".