Skogis Building Council

Last changed: 08 January 2024

Skogis Building Council is a forum with representatives from all departments in Skogishuset, the council is coordinating employees, students and visitors interests in matters relating technical systems, decoration, safety, security, facilities and service issues. The council is also the client of SLU Service that deliver service to all employees, students and visitors .

The council has thirteen members and one student representative and at Council meetings more people can be involved. Below is a list of the members and protocols and instructions for the council is available to the right.

Welcome to contact Skogis Building Council if you have questions or comments concerning the facilities in the house.

Council members

Pernilla Christensen, SRH - Ordförande

Maria Renberg, Infra - Sekreterare

Per Olofsson, Fakultetsdirektör

Anders Alanärä, VFM

Bengt Norman, IT

Jeanette Nilsson, NJV/VH

Carola Häggström, SBT

Charlotta Erefur, ESF

Camilla Widmark, Skogsekonomi

Dianne Staal Wästerlund, SRH

Mats Öqvist, SES

Staffan Stenhag, Skogsmästarskolan

Ingela Sandström, Genfys

Evelina Kyrö, SLUSS