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Watch the webinar about the EU's proposal for a soil monitoring directive

Published: 07 August 2023
screen shot of a video clip. blue background and white text with the letters  "proposal for a directive on soil monitoring"

On July 5, the EU Commission presented a proposal for a directive on soil monitoring. The directive was discussed on July 11 by European researchers and Mirco Barbero, representative from the EU Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment (DG ENV), during a webinar organized by the EJP SOIL research programme. The recording of the webinar is now available to stream on YouTube.

What does the new soil monitoring proposal from the EU Commission encompass? And what do soil researchers in Europe think about it? The video recording from the EJP SOIL webinar on soil monitoring is now available to stream!

You can watch the video here: EJP SOIL Webinar - Soil Monitoring Law - YouTube

NOTE! The webinar was arranged by EJP SOIL colleagues in Ireland.




EJP SOIL is a European Joint Programme on Agricultural Soil Management addressing key societal challenges including climate change and future food supply.

EJP SOIL unites a unique group of 26 partners from 24 European countries, and more than 400 scientists in a 5-year programme (2020 - 2025). SLU participates in the programme and has a special responsibility related to capacity building. At the national level, EJP SOIL is coordinated by the Department of Soil and Environment.

Read more about EJP SOIL at the official website.

EU Soil Law - Proposal for a directive on soil monitoring

Read about the proposal by the European Commission at the Commission's website: Proposal for a Directive on Soil Monitoring (


Amanda Öberg
Communicator EJP SOIL Sweden
Department of Soil and Environment