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Department of Crop Production Ecology

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DT annual meeting

Finally the time came, when the whole Drylands Transform team could meet in real life for the first time during the project that started in 2020. On 7th to 11th of November the second annual meeting

Symposium dedicated to millets

Symposium dedicated to millets malin.planting@slu.se The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2023 the International year of millets: "Millets are among the first plants to be domesticated

DT Results obj 1

Field data on soil and land health has been collected across the four project sites using the Land Degradation Surveillance Framework (LDSF) to provide a biophysical baseline at the landscape level.

DT Exhibition

The work of the SLU-led Drylands Transform project is one out of eleven research areas that has been chosen to be featured in a photo exhibition at SLU. The photography exhibition 'An Eye for Science

Alexander Menegat

alexander.menegat@slu.se My research focus is on plant ecology with emphasis on ecological weed management. Aim of my research is to improve our knowledge on plant-plant interaction in

Seminar: Ecology, biology, and management of rice vampireweed

Seminar: Ecology, biology, and management of rice vampireweed lisa.beste@slu.se Welcome to our next Crop Production Ecology Monthly Seminar. Jonne Rodenburg will give a presentation on an

Webinar: Soil Health Indicators

markmiljo-webb@slu.se Welcome to an open webinar titled “Soil Health Indicators”. This webinar will present key findings of research projects within EJP SOIL that feed into the upcoming EU Soil

Plant protection awareness

Plant protection is a hot topic of discussion in Europe at the moment, as the EU recommends that the amount of chemical pesticides be reduced by 50% by 2030. Related to this, SLU arranges an open

DT Household survey results

The group of researchers in the Drylands Transform project that have gathered data through a household survey are now getting their first results. For example, out of 944 households interviewed, 25-

Ioannis Dimitriou

jannis.dimitriou@slu.se Senior Research Advisor at SLU Global, Vice-Chancellor's Office; Associate Professor at the Dep. of Crop Production Ecology, SLU; Vice-President The European Alliance on

Seminar: An ecological framework to advance crop diversification in southern Africa

lisa.beste@slu.se Warmly welcome to this VPE seminar in which Chloe MacLaren will describe how her research project will address knowledge gaps in crop diversification for smallholder farmers in

Webinar: Land Degradation & Healthy Soils

Webinar: Land Degradation & Healthy Soils markmiljo-webb@slu.se Welcome to a webinar, hosted by the research programme EJP SOIL, about land degradation and how it can be monitored at an EU level.