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PhD-halftime seminar by David Nimblad Svensson

markmiljo-webb@slu.se Welcome to PhD-halftime seminar by David Nimblad Svensson. Title: TBA Opponent: Professor Thomas Kätterer Chairperson: TBA Pedagogic reviewer: TBA More info will be available

David Nimblad Svenssons halvtidsseminarium

PhD-halftime seminar by David Nimblad Svensson markmiljo-webb@slu.se Welcome to PhD-halftime seminar by David Nimblad Svensson. Title: TBA Opponent: Professor Thomas Kätterer Chairperson: TBA

Världsvattendagen 2023: Mat- och vattensäkerhet för alla

World Water Day 2023: Enabling Food and Water Security for all Through Circularity and Collaboration markmiljo-webb@slu.se On the occasion of the World Water Day, the Swedish Presidency of the

Urban Forests -A more diverse forestry

A more diverse forestry hanna.weiber.post@slu.se Helena Dehlin, is a Nature Conservation Specialist and responsible for issues related to Green Infrastructure at the Swedish Forest Agency. Helena

Urban Forests - Johan Östberg

The tree population of Swedish cities – development and challenges during the past five years viktor.karlsson@slu.se The webinar series on urban forests, arranged by SLU Urban Futures and Future

SLU introduction day for new employees

markmiljo-webb@slu.se SLU organises a central introduction day for new employees where they can meet other new employees and meet representatives of the university leadership and administration that

VR/FORMAS seminar

markmiljo-webb@slu.se Will you apply for research funding from The Swedish Research Council (VR) or FOMRAS? In this seminar you will get information and guidance which will help you in the

Living Labs with a focus on soil health - National engagement event Sweden

annika.mossing@slu.se Welcome to this seminar about the Soil Mission, Living labs and soil health in a Swedish context. The main objective of NATI00NS is to facilitate the deployment of the EU

Drylands Theresa Sänger

Last year, I took a course lectured by Per Knutson and, in the context of this, got to know about the Drylands Transform Project. The project with its different objectives and interdisciplinary

Drylands Josefine Krueger

When doing my master’s degree in Global Studies at University of Gothenburg, I attended a course on adaptation to climate change organized by Per Knutsson who is one of the social scientists in the

Sweden-Tunisia collaboration for sustainable field crops production by precision agriculture

In a pilot project, SLU is collaborating with the Tunisian institutions INGC and INAT, which are working with applied agricultural and water resources research. The goal is to assess possibilities to

SLU highly valued actor in Ethiopian development collaborations

A recent evaluation shows the impact of Sweden's development cooperations with Ethiopia during 60 years, where also SLU played an important part. One of the Ethiopian development cooperations that