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Soil science

Soil science is the study of soil as a natural resource on the surface of the Earth including soil formation, classification and mapping; physical, chemical, biological, and fertility properties of soils; and these properties in relation to the use and management of soils.

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Tamlyn Gangiah

tamlyn.gangiah@slu.se I am a PhD student in the Soil Biology research group. I am passionate about scientific research that intersects between molecular biology, microbiology, bioinformatics, and

Tejshree Tiwari

tejshree.tiwari@slu.se Modelling biogeochemistry in boreal landscapes As a modeller, I am interested in the interconnectivity between biological, chemical and physical processes that govern the

Mats Nilsson

mats.b.nilsson@slu.se Professor emeritus (Senior Advisor) at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management I am a professor in Soil Science, Biogeochemistry. I do research and teaching on

Theresa S. Ibáñez

theresa.ibanez@slu.se Postdoctoral researcher • Ph.D. in Biology • Forest ecology • Carbon sequestration • Plant-soil interactions • Climate change • Wildfire • Boreal forest Theresa S. Ibáñez has

Soil fungi and bacteria stabilize vegetation in the subartic

Global warming is changing subarctic and arctic ecosystems with profound consequences for life in the north. Interactions between plants and soil microbial communities are key for the stability of

Haichao Li

haichao.li@slu.se Haichao Li is a postdoctoral researcher in the research group of Biogeochemistry of Forest Soils, Department of Soil and Environment. Currently, he is working on a project about

Kurs i försöksstatistik 11-12 mars 2019(2)

Kurs i försöksstatistik This information is only available in swedish. FältForsk, SLU Hotell Högland, Esplanaden 4 Sankt Larsgatan 14, Linköping 1 100 kr exkl. moms Program hittar du här.

Faruk Djodjic

faruk.djodjic@slu.se My research explores mobilization and transport of nutrients from land to water with focus on agricultural landscape. How do water, particles and nutrients move across

World Soil Day 2022: ”Soils, where food begins”

World Soil Day 2022: ”Soils, Where food begins” amanda.oberg@slu.se Agricultural soils are the foundation of our food supply. But to keep our soils capable of delivering such an important ecosystem

Diss Marius Tuyishime

Phosphorus chemistry in managed forest soils-Effects of weathering and wood ash fertilization charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Marius Tuyishime defends his thesis "Phosphorus chemistry in managed forest

Joel Jensen

joel.jensen@slu.se PhD student with a focus on mixed-species forest plantations as a sustainable means of climate change mitigation and adaptation. My project aims to further the mechanistic

Soil fungal conservation values and contributions to soil carbon dynamics

How fast soil organisms in boreal forests break down and store carbon has great significance for Earth's climate. If the species composition of soil fungi and associated vegetation changes, it can