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Report from VH's Faculty Board meeting on 9th of June

Published: 14 June 2021

This spring's last faculty board meeting is over. After some decisions, information points and discussions, a well-deserved summer now awaits all participants.

A day in May at Österlen

Decisions taken
The board decided to start recruiting a professor in pet reproduction in accordance with the request from the Department of Clinical Sciences (KV). A decision was also made to extend Ann Nyman as an adjunct university lecturer in veterinary epidemiology with a scope of 20% full-time.

Each faculty appoints a supervisor and a deputy supervisor for SLU's annual doctoral award ceremony. A decision was made to appoint Professor Ulf Magnusson as promoter and Professor Jens Häggström as deputy promoter at the 2021 ceremony.

Veterinary shortage
There is a shortage of veterinary. For SLU, it is partly a question of resources and we do what we can within the framework that currently exist. Talks are underway at vice-chancellor level with relevant authorities and government office to find solutions. The Swedish government has also decided to appoint an inquiry for sustainable and long-term well-functioning welfare for animals.

Project manager Anders Bjurstam updated the board with a report on progress made within the project and current status in the steering groups. Several parts of the project begin to fall into place and as this happens, the tasks are transferred to the line organisations. Consequently, the autumn dialogue meetings will be more and more about the line organisations' responsibility to consolidate and maintain the working methods that have been jointly developed and decided on.

On 19th of May, Pia Gustås and Isabel Blanco Penedo, both at the Department of Clinical Sciences, were approved as docents at the faculty. Pia gave a lecture on "Veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation - an evidence-based clinical approach and Isabel Blanco Penedo gave a lecture on" Veterinary Health and Welfare Epidemiology for Sustainable Production Systems ". The lectures are available on the webbsite. Congratulations to you both.

Student survey on practical moments
SLUSS has begun a survey to investigate in which extent the students have missed practical moments due to distance regulations and in that extent, they will make up for these missed moments. The survey will be used as a basis for UN this autumn.

Happy summer to you all