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Webinar: Visit another research institution for training purposes or soil sampling and analysis

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The EJP SOIL programme offers the opportunity to visit another research institution in Europe for the purpose of training or soil sampling and analysis.

In this open webinar, we will give an overview of the two different calls and explain the requirements for applicants, as well as the application procedure.

We welcome all interested researchers and non-research staff who would like to:

  • Visit another institution for training purposes or
  • Take or analyze samples in the EJP SOIL partner facilities, as well as in leading non-EJP SOIL institutions.

Proposals for both calls must contribute to at least one of the EJP SOIL Expected Impacts (see below).

The call Visiting Scientist will be open between 1st and 30th September 2023.

The call Access to Infrastructure will be open between 1st September and 31st October 2023.

Read more at the EJP SOIL website: Visiting Scientists Support (ejpsoil.eu)

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Expected impacts of EJP SOIL

  1. Fostering understanding of soil management and its influence on climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable agricultural production and environment.
  2. Understanding how soil-carbon sequestration can contribute to climate change mitigation at the regional level and accounting for carbon.
  3. Strengthening scientific capacities and cooperation across Europe including training young soil scientists.
  4. Supporting harmonized European soil information, including for international reporting.
  5. Fostering the uptake of soil management practices conducive to climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  6. Develop and demonstrate region- and context-specific fertilization practices (soil, water and pedoclimatic conditions
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Time: 2023-08-31 13:00 - 14:30
City: Online
Organiser: EJP SOIL
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EJP SOIL is a European Joint Programme on Agricultural Soil Management addressing key societal challenges including climate change and future food supply.

EJP SOIL unites a unique group of 26 partners from 24 European countries, and more than 400 scientists in a 5-year programme (2020 - 2025). SLU participates in the programme and has a special responsibility related to capacity building. At the national level, EJP SOIL is coordinated by the Department of Soil and Environment.

Read more about EJP SOIL at the official website.


Katharina Meurer, Researcher
Department of Soil and Environment
katharina.meurer@slu.se, 018-672476