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Agricultural sciences

Agricultural science include plant production, plant genetics, plant breeding, plant protection, plant pathology, agricultural ecology, agricultural technology and agricultural history.

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Diss Jens Blomquist

Effects of structure liming on clay soil charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Jens Blomquist defends his thesis "Effects of structure liming on clay soil" on 10th December 2021 All interested are welcome to

Regina Gratz

My research focusses on how organic nitrogen such as amino acids influence plant development, symbiotic interactions with microbes as well as susceptibility to plant pathogens. I use the well-studied

Fabian Bötzl

I am interested in integrating beneficial natural ecosystem services into agricultural production to make it more sustainable in the light of global change. Special focus on natural pest control, its

Uganda inceptions Drylands Transform

10 hectares of land in each district were handed over to be used by Drylands Transform during the project period following a series of meetings between the Makerere University research team and Napak

Ann Grubbström

My research interests are gender equality in the forest sector, young farmers, generational succession in farming, sustainable consumption, doctoral supervision, and geography education.

Fluturë Novakazi

Young researcher fascinated by fungal plant pathogens, resistance breeding, and cereal genetics. Solving the stinking mystery - Which species is behind the recent increase in common bunt incidence?

Sasha Vasconcelos

I'm a PhD student based at the Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources (CIBIO-InBIO, University of Porto), Portugal, and am developing my thesis in collaboration with the Department of

Loraine ten Damme

My research contributes to our understanding of deformation of the soil structure, yielding practical measures to reduce the risk of soil degradation and thereby sustain soil functioning. Most

SLU researchers' methods for measuring food waste are highlighted at the UN summit

On 23 September, the UN Food Systems Summit meeting was held, aiming to highlight and advance the urgent need of global transformation of the food systems. One of Sweden's official contributions to

Multifunctional biomass plantations can co-deliver biomass and environmental benefits

Large-scale deployment of perennial biomass plantations can effectively reduce nitrogen emissions to water and soil loss by wind erosion. This is shown in a spatial modelling study across over 81,000