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Agricultural sciences

Agricultural science include plant production, plant genetics, plant breeding, plant protection, plant pathology, agricultural ecology, agricultural technology and agricultural history.

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Cassandra Vogel

cassandra.vogel@slu.se I'm a postdoc researching the resilience of biological pest control to climate change. To do this, I explore the climatic niches of natural enemy communities and how these

Översvämningar och torka i jordbruket – Effekter, utmaningar och åtgärder

Floodings and droughts in agriculture - effects, challenges and measures markmiljo-webb@slu.se On the occasion of World Soil Day, we invite those of you who work with agriculture and soil and water

The role of agricultural soils for climate change - a webinar by EJP SOIL

markmiljo-webb@slu.se Agricultural soils and how we manage them play a key role in climate change. Since its start almost four years ago, the EJP SOIL research program has sought to understand how

Join PlantLink day!

Join PlantLink day! fredrik.reslow@slu.se Register for PlantLink Day, which will be held on 05 October in Lund! This year’s theme is “Biodiversity: the key to resilient agri-food systems.”

Join NordPlant day!

Join NordPlant day! fredrik.reslow@slu.se Sign up for the final NordPlant annual meeting: The Future of Plant Phenotyping, on 22-23 November in Båstad! In this very last meeting, we will sum up

Bright future for rice production in Rwanda with deep drainage

New research shows that increasing the drainage depth can reduce the negative side effects of rice production in dry weather conditions. Researchers have observed that deep drainage increases the

Diss Martin Skoglund

Climate and Agriculture in the Little Ice Age The case of Sweden in a wider European perspective charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Martin Skoglund defends his thesis "Climate and Agriculture in the

Webinar: Visit another research institution for training purposes or soil sampling and analysis

markmiljo-webb@slu.se The EJP SOIL programme offers the opportunity to visit another research institution in Europe for the purpose of training or soil sampling and analysis. In this open webinar,

Visit by EU ministers

Under a clear blue sky, SLU received 150 guests at Lövsta agricultural research consisting of the EU's agriculture and fisheries ministers and the Special Agricultural Committee (SJK). SLU's

Daniel Basalirwa

daniel.basalirwa@slu.se Dr. Daniel Basalirwa holds a PhD in Agriculture from Tottori University, in Japan. His research interests are mainly in Agroecology, Soil Carbon & Nitrogen cycling, Soil

Crop protection futures in agriculture-en

Crop protection futures in agriculture futurefood@slu.se Crop production is the vital basis for our food system, but the current set up is highly dependent on inputs of chemical pesticides and

Anneli Lundkvist

anneli.lundkvist@slu.se Anneli Lundkvist is an expert on plant production, especially on weed control. Samordnare vid SLU Fältforsk, som är ett kontakt- och samarbetsorgan mellan SLU och externa