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Agricultural sciences

Agricultural science include plant production, plant genetics, plant breeding, plant protection, plant pathology, agricultural ecology, agricultural technology and agricultural history.

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Fungi are important in biological control. Our research in CBC includes application of specific fungi for biological control as well as studies concerning naturally occurring beneficial fungi, and

Pesticides in surface water

Results from surface water samples collected within model catchments and rivers, of the Swedish national environmental monitoring program for pesticides, can partly be found in a database, held by

Pesticide data

Pesticide data

Pesticide data Pesticide data from the Swedish monitoring program Below are links to data from analyses of pesticides conducted within the Swedish national environmental

Plant protection in agriculture and forestry

Our research contributes to sustainable methods of protecting agricultural crops and forests against pests. More knowledge is needed about the interaction between insect pests, their enemies and the

Mats Söderström, precision agriculture

Mats Söderström is an external collaboration specialist in precision agriculture where you use satellite positioning, sensors, digital soil mapping, satellite images, and geographical information

Jennie Barron

Jennie Barron is a professor of agricultural water management since 1 October 2017. Her inauguration lecture is about managing agricultural water in changing landscapes. Jennie Barron's research

Phenology symposium

Phenology symposium

Phenology symposium 2019 Phenological shifts and their impact on Society - Application of phenology research in planning and decision-making Welcome to the phenology symposium with the above


Can agriculture support both man and ecological systems? Is it possible to separate social and ecological systems in agriculture? Using case studies and field experience, the Master´s Programme in

Lorenzo Menichetti

Lorenzo Menichetti

lormen Agronomist with a passion for programming and modelling, loves abstraction, Science and its epistemology. His main interest is testing hypotheses within natural (fuzzy) boundaries and

Platform for plant protection

Platform for plant protection

To strengthen the plant protection research at SLU, the vice chancellor has given the Platform Plant Protection at SLU the mission and funding to promote and coordinate plant protection research

Peace as a threat to the environment in Colombia

For more than five decades, the civil war in Colombia caused major suffering for the people forcing the migration of millions from the countryside to urban and peri-urban areas. When people left the

Widespread antibiotic resistance in urban neighborhoods in Cambodia

The unregulated and often unnecessary use of antibiotics to food-producing animals in many low and middle income countries contributes to an increased incidence of antibiotic resistance. Gunilla