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Last changed: 18 October 2023
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Here you can read about important milestones, and upcoming and already completed activities in the project.

All material from workshops and meetings will also be gathered on this page. See below.

The process of the subject area review is a developmental process, meaning that the process is not pre-fixed, but involves certain pre-decided activities that will emerge during the process. During the planning of and reflecting on the process there has been a continuous discussion with the faculty board and the heads of departments. As an employee at a department, you will be involved in certain stages of the process (e.g. doing the current situation analysis). The process is headed by the dean of the faculty, with support from the deputy dean, head of faculty administration, and research officer. We have also engaged Markus Wikborg from GHAL (the group for sustainable leadership in academy at SLU) who will facilitate, support and work with us through the process.

The process has comprised four workshops and a current situation analyses. The Faculty Board had a working Internat in June 13-14 2023 and discussed how to proceed in the subject area review. The next step was in the autumn 2023 to draft and to decide on a development plan for the subjects areas at the faculty (according to the FN decision) and also to decide on a revised and extended time plan (implementation phase during the period of 2024-2026).

You will find a more detailed time plan here


The development plan for the subject areas at the LTV faculty


Information meeting for LTV staff 25th and 29th of September

Faculty meeting 13-14 of June 2023 and the way forward

The current situation analysis


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