Initiatives and projects

Last changed: 16 January 2024

The accreditation process - Every seven years, our veterinary program must be evaluated in order to maintain our European accreditation. In the spring of 2024, it's time again. The internal process is already underway.

The integration project - An organisational integration of SLU’s University Animal Hospital (UDS) with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VH) is taking place.

The expansion project - The government has given SLU an extended grant to extend the number of students in the veterinary and veterinary nursing programs. More information is only available in Swedish.

The project Tillsammans (together) - The project was launched in January 2020 aiming to strengthen and improve the collaboration between UDS and the VH faculty within existing structures and mandates. The project is completed, and the final report is published.

VH's new organization - A process is underway to determine how the VH faculty should best be organized. The change must be implemented on 1 January 2024.