Shipping, mail and transport

Last changed: 22 December 2023

Shipping, mail and transport in The Skogis Buildning is operated by SLU Service. For more information regarding this please contact SLU Service. SLU Service is normally staffed 8-16, Monday - Friday

Ordinary shipments
Is handled by SLU service and is left at the janitors office. For bulky / heavy items, contact the Service staff for pick up / drop off .

To get your deliveries as soon as possible, make sure they get marked with the correct name / invoice reference and delivery address. Contact your supplier so they have the right information .

Special shippments
If you have items that require special treatment (eg cooling):
For theese shippments we use a company called Your Special Delivery Service (YSDS).
If you are the recipient of a special shippment you will be contacted by SLU Service.
Read more below on how to go about sending or recieving special shippments and what rules applies to this kind of shippment.