Burglar alarms and protection

Last changed: 02 March 2016

In skogishuset there are burglar alarms throughout the house. The alarm is automatically activated on evenings and weekends. Before the alarms goes off, a warning signal sounds for about 1 minute.

The alarm consists of detectors that sit on glass in doors, windows, etc. Some detectors are always active while some are set on timer, for example doors.

It´s alllowed to be the with in the building after the alarm is activated, just follow the rules below.

What to consider in the house after the alarm is activated:
- Close all windows.
- Do not let the entrance doors or hallway doors, with card readers, be left open.
- Be sure to close the doors, with card reader, properly after you when you enter or leave.The alarm will go off after 45-60 seconds if left open.
- Do not let anyone in through locked doors unless you are absolutely certain it's someone who has access to the building or part of the building.

You can not force the doors to stay open, for example to unload something, the burglar alarm will go of if the door is not closed. 
If you have a card reader on your office door, it is ok to leave it open even after the alarm is activated.

Staff can freely move within and stay in the building after office hours if above written instructions are followed. How ever, the saftey guard can ask you to identify yourself for your and your colleagues saftey.

The IT department has its own instructions and so have the lecture halls on level 4 and 5.

If the alarm sounds:

If you need to get in touch with the campus safety guards in Umeå regarding more urgent matters during the evening / night and weekends, please call:
Short number: 8130 (090-786 8130)
To inform about events that might have an impact on security, for example public events on evenings and weekends and to report other non-immediate security issuses - please contact SLU Security.