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Open Call: Apply for seed funding for transdisciplinary projects within sustainable urban development

Published: 13 April 2021
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Researchers, PhD students and teachers at SLU – no matter what faculty or department you belong to – have a new chance to apply for seed funding supporting multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary research projects or publications aiming at enhancing urban sustainability. Up to five applications will be granted a maximum of 50 000 SEK each. The last day to apply is May 9th.

What can you apply for?

SLU Urban Futures wants to further stimulate projects

that are just starting and in need of an incentive to prepare next steps for taking off, typically for applying at a funding body; for example a consortium needs to be composed or brought together, topics identified and research questions formulated. In these cases, SLU Urban Futures can help with funding travel costs to network meetings or conferences in order to distinguish state-of-the-art research and bring potential consortium members together.

that have so far been developed on a local level/ on one particular sector of SLU and are in need of an incentive to open up to other researchers/ teachers/ actors of society, ideally international ones, or other fields of knowledge and know-how, ideally in transdisciplinary constellations; for example a campus-based research project needs to prepare its ‘Generation 2.0’. In these cases, SLU Urban Futures can help with funding working hours for staff to organise the shift, including network meetings, presentations, outreach etc.

that are under development and need a review article to scrutinise a field of knowledge, a synthetic article to help frame a question, a common publication of a future consortium, an overview publication to bring together knowledge across related research projects, a popular scientific publication (for example non-academic professional literature) to increase impact on society. In these cases, SLU Urban Futures can help with funding working hours for staff, equipment for building archives or processing image material, open access costs, and production costs. 

The examples above are indicative – we are open to many other well-motivated cases for support.

Who can apply?

Employees at all SLU's faculties can apply. Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VH), Faculty of Forest Sciences (S)  and Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences (NJ).

Main applicants must be employed by SLU, co-applicants who do not work at SLU, are very welcome to take part in projects and activities.

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SLU Urban Futures is a strategic research platform with the mission to inspire and support the faculties of SLU to initiate, develop and strengthen multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary research, education and collaboration within the field of sustainable urban development. The platform publishes open calls two times a year.