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Here we present news items about SLU's research.

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More predators in food webs weakens predictive ability of single-trait models

Researchers from SLU has shown how an increasing number of predator species weakens the ability of a single-trait food web model to predict experimentally observed outcomes of trophic interactions.

Two Wallenberg Academy Fellows to SLU

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation's investment in young researchers continues with 27 new Wallenberg Academy Fellows. In the category natural sciences, two of the researchers will work at SLU:

Är insekter bra mat på långa rymdresor?

There is a challenge to supply astronauts with enough nutritious food, especially during prolonged spaceflight or future planetary missions. Using insects to produce human food from waste is an

Effects of structure liming on clay soil

Structure liming is a method to stabilise clay aggregates and thereby reduce the risk of phosphorus losses. In his new doctoral thesis, Jens Blomquist has evaluated the efficiency of this practice.

High parity cows occupy cubicles close to feeding table and milking area

It seems that dairy cows want a cubicle to rest in, close to the feeding tables. And it is the older, more experienced cows that usually occupy these cubicles in the barn. The younger ones more often

Kunming Declaration on Biodiversity

The Kunming Declaration was adopted at the United Nations’ conference on biodiversity in Kunming, China, called the COP15, where more than 100 countries of the world pledged their intent to restore

Rural development

Four researchers at the Division of Rural Development has been granted funding for their projects, all dealing with different aspects of sustainable rural development in the Global North.

School grounds conservation activities create excitement, empathy and fascination in young people

Conservation activities have the potential to empower young people to directly address environmental issues, and to develop a strong connection to a local place, according to Andrew Ruck, researcher


How does the stratification of water masses look like, how does ship traffic affect natural hydrography and how does trawling affect benthic organisms and the turnover of nutrients? October 24-30 was

Researchers use cameras to study the social interactions between cows

Data from sensors, showing the position of the cows, in combination with a video stream taken by cameras installed in the barn, are used to study the behavior of dairy cattle. In a pilot study, at

25 million SEK from the Swedish EPA to research projects at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

Five different projects have been granted five million SEK each in the two calls from the Swedish EPA about ecosystem services of wetlands and cumulative effects on the environment. The Swedish EPA (

SLU Climate Conversations: Ways forward for land use and climate change

The role of land use for climate mitigation and adaptation was in focus when scientists from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Lund University and Independent University Bangladesh met