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Here we present news items about SLU's research.

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Cooperation paves the way for new knowledge about Europe's ecosystems

Delegations from European countries gather at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, in Uppsala to meet for the first time and decide on issues related to how the European network of

Nordic universities gather for high-level meeting

For two days, Vice-chancellors and Deputy Vice-chancellors gathers for the Nordic university days held in Brussels. At the meeting, visions for European research, innovation and education will be

Moving of plants

Plant materials are now being moved from Balsgård to Campus Alnarp in order to ensure their long-term availability for research, education, and variety development. The move is expected to continue

Soil ecosystem services at risk where earthworms are affected by soil compaction

Heavy machines used in agriculture can make the soil more compact. Researchers at the Department of Soil and Environment can now show that earthworms, which are important for healthy soils and the

Tools for southern Swedish forest management in new report

How should the forest be managed in southern Sweden today and in the future to contribute to the values in demand? This has been investigated in the research programme FRAS, Future Forest Management

EU project HealthFerm

In September, Prof Maud Langton, Prof Volkmar Passoth, and Assoc Prof Galia Zamaratskaia from the Department of Molecular Sciences visited KU Leuven in Belgium, where an interdisciplinary consortium

Microorganisms can reduce nitrogen emissions from the mining industry

Nitrogen emissions from agriculture and industry lead to eutrophication and health-threatening groundwater. In her doctoral thesis, Maria Hellman investigated whether nitrate-containing water from

New insights into rein tension and driveability associated with racetrack training of Standardbred trotters

How much power or tension is there in the reins when a trotting horse runs at full speed on the track, and should drivers trust their gut feeling? Elke Hartmann from SLU has investigated this in

New knowledge on fungi that produce laughing gas

Nitrous oxide is a powerful greenhouse gas and also the most prominent ozone depleting chemical. In her doctoral thesis, Yvonne Bösch has shown that denitrifying fungi which can produce nitrous oxide

The fungus that attracts male flies to mate with carcasses

A parasitic fungus tricks healthy houseflies into mating with infected, dead female flies of the same species. The fungus is specific to houseflies and may, in the long term, be developed into a

Finds new contaminants of concern in Lake Mälaren

Lake Mälaren is Sweden’s biggest drinking water source, and as such, it is important to monitor its water. We check the water for well-known environmental pollutants regularly. But what about all new

“We increase the data quality by interpolating missing data in cow monitoring”

Researcher Keni Ren and her colleagues have identified an accurate method for interpolating missing data in systems for monitoring dairy cows in the barn. This knowledge can be used to improve the