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Here we present news items about SLU's research.

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Wild animals can help us reach the 1.5 degree target

Protecting and restoring populations of wild animal species can help keeping global temperature rise below the critical threshold of 1.5 degrees, while at the same bending the negative biodiversity


The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity granted funding for a project on recycling engineering lead by Håkan Jönsson and Prithvi Simha together with Dyllon Randall.

Calculates the effect on biodiversity of dams and dam removal

Is it possible to put a number on and calculate the effect that dams and their removal have on biodiversity? Peter Carlson has thought about that question. Our nature is important. That it has

New call for Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) in 2023

The NJ Faculty Board has decided to continue to support the Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) initiative and the further development of IDA. A new call for the project period 2023-2024 will be

Visent och älg kan återetablera sig i Centraleuropa – om vi människor tillåter

Throughout history, bison and moose have been displaced and gone extinct in many parts of Central Europe. Suitable ecological habitats, however, do exist for both species for re-colonization,

Does climate-compensating tree planting benefit local people?

"Planting trees in Africa" has become a popular way to offset carbon dioxide emissions. However, research shows that tree planting projects often put too little focus on benefiting the people on site

Ants in Sweden avoid alien Lodgepole pine

Fewer ant species, fewer ant mounds and less climbing up tree trunks in search of food - this is the situation in Sweden in forests planted with the introduced species Lodgepole pine compared to

First live-tracked moose paved the way for research breakthrough

In Sweden it will soon be time again for the tv-show The Great Moose Migration (Den stora älgvandringen). Many viewers, in addition to following the moose via their television, also watch them via

Pod episode about aquaculture

More than two thirds of our planet is covered by water; oceans, lakes and rivers. Aquaculture, farming of animals and plants in water, thus has great potential to provide us with food for the future.

Conclusions from forest monitoring workshop

Final summary and conclusions from February’s workshop on forest monitoring have now been published. Impressions were generally positive. SLU organized a workshop at campus Ultuna in February, titled

Sweden-Tunisia collaboration for sustainable field crops production by precision agriculture

In a pilot project, SLU is collaborating with the Tunisian institutions INGC and INAT, which are working with applied agricultural and water resources research. The goal is to assess possibilities to

Fröbanker i jorden skyddar inte floran från klimatförändringar

Plant species have evolved several clever ways to survive changes in their local environment. A new study from a European research team has shown that one common method – storing their seeds in the