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Here we present news items about SLU's research.

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The SLU Honorary Doctors 2024

This year, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences will be awarding six honorary doctorates. There are two international recipients - Professor Tom Hobbs (US) and Delia Grace Randolph (United

listen better for sustainability

Professors Åsa Berggren and Keri Facer work together to develop methods for more democratic communication. The core of their joint project is to improve our ability to truly listen to each other and

Subarctic species richness and distribution influenced by climate

Even remote, sparsely populated areas are affected by human-induced climate change. In his doctoral thesis, Pablo de la Peña Aguilera investigated what controls the distribution and species

Newly launched Restore4More project seeks to contribute knowledge to guide and scale rangeland restoration in East Africa

The newly launched Restore4More project seeks to contribute knowledge to guide and scale rangeland restoration in East Africa. ”Water and transhumance are often overlooked in restoration research

Webbinarium: Skogsdata 2024

henrik.j.persson@slu.se Ny statistik och resultat från Riksskogstaxeringens artinriktade inventeringar. Fotograf: Åke Bruhn, SLU. Artinventering i Ydre, Östergötland. SLU Riksskogstaxeringen

Efter 40 år: ny forskning om vattenkraftens påverkan på reglerade sjöar

Most of the larger lakes in northern Sweden (Norrland) are regulated lakes or power plant reservoirs. They are crucial for Sweden's electricity production, but also heavily influenced by hydropower.

SLU testar trålkamera – för att minska fiskfångsten

By installing a stereo video camera in the trawl, researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences want to reduce the need for trawling in acoustic fish surveys. The technology is now

New handbook on mycorrhizae

Symbiosis between plants and mycorrhiza-forming fungi can contribute ecosystem services such as improved plant nutrient supply and increased tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress. New handbook on

Intensive agriculture results in less reliable weed control from seed eaters

To increase crop productivity, agriculture relies on intensive use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In a new study, researchers show that with intensive agriculture, there is a risk of losing

Diverse crop rotations can give greater cereal yields in a changing climate

The importance of a good crop rotation is known, but analyses of 32 decade-long cropping experiments across Europe and North America have clarified the benefits. One conclusion is that diversifying

Food & Cities funding 2024

Two projects conducting cross-disciplinary research activities have been granted funding as part of the Food&Cities seed funding call in 2024. The projects each explore different aspects of the

New genetic discoveries could enhance rainforest restoration

In a recent study, researchers in Borneo explored how climate affects evolution of tropical tree species. The results showed that genetic variation in tree performance was related to the origin of