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Here we present news items about SLU's research.

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Interdisciplinarity on the agenda at the Future Platforms research residency!

For the second year in a row, SLU's Future Platforms invited SLU researchers to a research residency for discussions on interdisciplinary research. The focus was on the environment and sustainability

Hydropower for a sustainable future: A pioneering EU project

Hydropower stands as a pivotal renewable energy source in the transition away from fossil fuels. Yet, securing its future amidst an ever-changing climate, while mitigating its environmental impact,

Artificial beaver dams will reveal the beaver's environmental impact

At five locations in Västerbotten, SLU researchers are building artificial beaver dams. The purpose is to, under controlled conditions, increase knowledge about the effects of beaver dams on the

Bright future for rice production in Rwanda with deep drainage

New research shows that increasing the drainage depth can reduce the negative side effects of rice production in dry weather conditions. Researchers have observed that deep drainage increases the


The first episode of the podcast “A CRISPR Bite”, about how gene-editing technology is changing our food, has now been released. The podcast is produced within the GEAP3 international social science

Big Old Fat Fecund Females

Big Old Fat Fecund Female (BOFFF) fish play a key role in the productivity and recovery of exploited fish stocks. Larger and older fish contribute disproportionately to spawning, they are more

Environmental effects of improved pine trees explored in new project

To boost forest production, pine tree seedlings are genetically improved to yield faster-growing trees with better qualities for the industry. However, our understanding of how these genetic

New theory disproves Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Rule of Trees’

A new model to calculate carbon uptake by trees illustrates why large trees may be more susceptible to drought. Previous models where based on Leonardo da Vincis rule of trees. Scientists from SLU

Exotic tree species in the forest mean loss of grazing land for reindeer

Semi-domesticated reindeer avoid winter habitats with exotic lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta), introduced from Northern America. Reduced food supply and dense stands probably contribute to the

Feed Additive to Reduce Methane Emissions from Cows Tested in Sweden

Does a methane-inhibiting feed additive work better when cows are fed with high-fat Swedish oats? That's what Mohammad Ramin's research team at SLU in Umeå aims to find out. The additive Bovaer (DSM,


The increased presence of antimicrobial substances in water is a concern. The substances can be transformed over their life cycle through several different processes. SLU researchers have therefore

SLU-forskning ska skydda äppelsorter i Ukraina

Following insistent detective work, researchers have been able to extensively map out the family trees connecting many varieties of Swedish apples. This has helped clarify the relationships between