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Here we present news items about SLU's research.

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World wildlife day

On 3 March every year, the World Wildlife Day is marked to celebrate wild animals and plants. This year, we at SLU Global spotlight a collaborative research and capacity building programme between

Jesper Larsson receives a consolidation grant from the European Research Council

Jesper Larsson, researcher in agricultural history at the Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU), has been awarded one of the most prestigious research grants in Europe, a consolidation grant from

War drives forest fire risk in Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a major negative impact on forests in war-affected regions. And for the coming decades the risk of forest fires are elevated. Due to the Russian full-scale

Restoration aimed at the White-backed woodpecker does not reach the target

Restoration of deciduous forests have the last two decades in Sweden, been focused on benefitting the critically endangered White-backed woodpecker and other associated species. A recent study shows

Nitrogen in the food system: new TABLE Explainer article

Nitrogen plays a dual role in the agri-food system: it is an essential nutrient for all life forms, yet also an environmental pollutant causing a range of environmental and human health impacts. In

Vinod Kumar investigates how tissue integrity is maintained in the leaf surface

Last week, the European Commission awarded 1249 researchers with Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions postdoctoral fellowships. One of the awardees is Vinod Kumar from Stéphanie Robert’s group at Umeå

Super stable POM nanostructures

High purity hydrogen gas has a great potential in future green energy solutions. Its major source is the electrochemical cleavage of water – a technology that is in itself energy demanding and

Call for short-term monitoring projects in forest damage

The SLU Forest Damage Centre announces a call with focus on monitoring of forest damage. The call is for short-term monitoring projects that focus on method development and will be carried out in

Workshop1 Formas call

Workshop 1 on Formas call "Contingency planning and competitiveness in the food system – a call for transdisciplinary centres" futurefood@slu.se Formas announces funds for the formation of national

Formas call livsmedelsberedskap

Formas announces funds for the formation of national centers for research on food security. Each university can send in max two applications, and SLU Future Food will lead and facilitate an internal

Unique landscape experiment for sustainable food production and biodiversity

The Kamprad family's foundation finances a new project at the Swedish University of Agriculture's research facility,Lövsta outside Uppsala. The project focuses on the reintegration of crop production

An interdisciplinary approach to multifunctional landscapes

Our landscapes serve numerous vital purposes, including providing food and clean water, supporting biodiversity, producing timber, and offering spaces for recreation. As the demand for these