5 Dec


Floodings and droughts in agriculture - effects, challenges and measures

Storm over arable land

On the occasion of World Soil Day, we invite those of you who work with agriculture and soil and water issues to a webinar on the interaction between soil and water. How is the soil affected by droughts and floods, what challenges does it entail for farming systems, and what measures do we have to work with? Welcome!

Where? Zoom
When? December 5, 10-12 am
Who? The webinar is for those of you who work with agriculture, soil, water, and climate
Registration: Fill in the form at the Swedish version of this web page.
Note! The webinar will be held in Swedish.


Time: 2023-12-05 10:00 - 12:00
City: Zoom
Organiser: Institutionen för mark och miljö


Amanda Öberg
Communications Officer at the Department of Soil and Environment
+4618673043, +46730782268