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Field research unit

FältForsk is a joint body created by SLU and other organisations within the agricultural sector.

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Marken viktig att värna när jordbruket flyttar norrut

Since the 1950s, the resilience of our Swedish agricultural soils has deteriorated due to increasingly intensive agriculture. In combination with climate change, this means an increased risk that the

2:nd Nordic Field Trial Network (NFTN) Conference

lisa.beste@slu.se Welcome to a conference on ‘Innovations on technical possibilities in field trials‘, February 7-8, 2024. This conference is dedicated to everyone with an interest in field trials

Potential i nya rön om klimat och jordbruksmark från EJP SOIL

Research on the role of agricultural soil for the climate has come a long way, it was noted during a webinar recently arranged by SLU and the research program EJP SOIL. The program's broad approach

Översvämningar och torka i jordbruket – Effekter, utmaningar och åtgärder

Floodings and droughts in agriculture - effects, challenges and measures markmiljo-webb@slu.se On the occasion of World Soil Day, we invite those of you who work with agriculture and soil and water

Seminar: Forages, with a northern focus

lisa.beste@slu.se In conjunction with Brooke Micke’s PhD defence, we are holding a seminar, with speakers from the evaluation committee. Photo: Lisa Beste We will talk aboout forage research at

Kurs i försöksstatistik 11-12 mars 2019(2)

Kurs i försöksstatistik This information is only available in swedish. FältForsk, SLU Hotell Högland, Esplanaden 4 Sankt Larsgatan 14, Linköping 1 100 kr exkl. moms Program hittar du här.

World Soil Day 2022: ”Soils, where food begins”

World Soil Day 2022: ”Soils, Where food begins” amanda.oberg@slu.se Agricultural soils are the foundation of our food supply. But to keep our soils capable of delivering such an important ecosystem

Sabina Braun

sabina.braun@slu.se Arg. Dr. (PhD) Researcher at the Department of Soil and Environment. Coordinator for the long-term experiments at the NJ-faculty. Manager for the long-term field

Alex Appiah Mensah

alex.appiah.mensah@slu.se I am a researcher in forest biometrics (empirical forest modelling) at the Department of Forest Resource Management, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU -

Anti Vasemägi

anti.vasemagi@slu.se My research covers a broad spectrum of topics in evolutionary biology, genomics, population genetics and ecology focusing on understanding the drivers of genetic and phenotypic

Johannes Forkman

johannes.forkman@slu.se I am a senior lecturer in statistics at SLU Fältforsk, working with statistical issues related to agricultural field research. My position belongs to the Field Research Unit