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Sabina Braun

Sabina Braun
Arg. Dr. (PhD) Researcher at the Department of Soil and Environment. Coordinator for the long-term experiments at the NJ-faculty. Manager for the long-term field experiments in the subject of plant nutrition.


I'm an agronomist mainly focused on soil phosphorus cycling and transport in agricultural soil.  

Selected publications

Gustafsson, J. P., Barbi, F., Braun, S., Klysubun, W., & Börjesson, G. (2023). Where does all the phosphorus go? Mass balance modelling of phosphorus in the Swedish long-term soil fertility experiments. Geoderma, 440, 116727. 

Spohn, M., Braun, S., & Sierra, C. A. (2023). Continuous decrease in soil organic matter despite increased plant productivity in an 80-years-old phosphorus-addition experiment. Communications earth & environment, 4(1), 251. 

Braun, S. (2020). Long-term phosphorus supply in agricultural soils. Size and dynamics of fast- and slow-desorbing phosphorus pools. PhD thesis, Department of Soil and Environment, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala. 


Braun, S., McLaren, T., Frossard, E., Tuyishime, J. R. M., Börjesson, G., Gustafsson, J. P. (2020). Phosphorus desorption and isotope exchange kinetics in agricultural soils. Soil Use and Management. 


Gustafsson, J. P., Braun, S., Tuyishime, J. R., Adediran, G. A., Warrinnier, R., & Hesterberg, D. (2020). A Probabilistic Approach to Phosphorus Speciation of Soils Using P K-edge XANES Spectroscopy with Linear Combination Fitting. Soil Systems, 4, p. 26. 


Braun, S., Warrinnier, R., Börjesson, G., Ulén, B., Smolders, E. & Gustafsson, J.P. (2019). Assessing the ability of soil tests to estimate labile phosphorus in agricultural soils: evidence from isotopic exchange. Geoderma 337, p. 350-358 


Warrinnier, R., Goossens, T., Braun, S., Gustafsson, J. P. & Smolders, E. (2018). Modelling heterogeneous phosphate sorption kinetics on iron oxyhydroxides and soil with a continuous distribution approach. European Journal of Soil Science 69. P. 475-487.   


Researcher at the Department of Soil and Environment; Soil nutrient cycling
Telephone: +4618672451, +46738068362