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Teamwork, weather challenges and rare fish finds – join us on a bottom trawl survey in the North Sea

We would like to say a big thank you to Barbara Bland who is now ending her assignment as expedition leader for IBTS (International Bottom Trawl Survey) on board SLU's research vessel R/V Svea and

Marken viktig att värna när jordbruket flyttar norrut

Since the 1950s, the resilience of our Swedish agricultural soils has deteriorated due to increasingly intensive agriculture. In combination with climate change, this means an increased risk that the

Having good neighbours and few top predators make predatory fish populations more resilient

A regime shift is gradually spreading through the archipelagos of the Swedish Baltic Sea coast, where shallow bays, previously dominated by pike and perch have one by one become dominated by one of

Steams in Swedish forests often too shaded for algae

Algae and bacteria offer vital ecosystem functions in our streams. But the Swedish forest is often much too dark to give them an optimal habitat. This is shown in results from an experiment with

Nytt forskningsprojekt skall bidra till friskare livsmiljöer i Kattegatt och Skagerrak

Despite the entry into force of the EU Habitats Directive more than 30 years ago, several marine habitats and species still do not meet the directive's objective of favourable conservation status. An

Fiskbarometern: senaste trenden för svensk fisk och skaldjur

At the Fiskbarometer, SLU presents the state and trends of fish and shellfish stocks in Swedish seas and freshwaters. The assessments for 2023 have now been completed. The status of pike and perch in

AQUA 2024

AQUA 2024 aquaculture@slu.se Blue Food production must grow. Green Solutions will help it to do so. AQUA 2024 will take place from August 26-30 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. It will comprise

Nytt projekt för att förstå riskerna med extremväder till havs

Climate change is making extreme weather at sea more common. But how do extreme weather such as marine heat waves and extreme storms affect fish and fishing in the Baltic Sea? A research group will

Trålfisket, strömmingen, sälen och skarven – nytt SLU-projekt djupdyker i Östersjöns kustekosystem

Are grey seals and cormorants looking for food further and further into the archipelago? Have they been forced to change their diet; from large herring to perch and pike? If so, what effects could it

New insights into the legacy of mercury pollution in aquatic ecosystems

Contamination with mercury, a potent neurotoxin, is the single most common for European waters failing to the goals of the EU Water Framework Directive. The key to whether mercury can ever lose this

The fourth internal water seminar at SLU

vattenmiljo-webb@slu.se Do you want to learn more about our water research? We are planning for the fourth internal water seminar at SLU to take place in Uppsala, on 11-12 April 2024. Younger and

Skanning efter märkt laxfisk avslöjar skarvens födoval

Bird predation – that is to be consumed by a predatory bird such as Great Cormorant – is a prevailing threat for a young salmonid as it migrates from its nursery habitats in freshwaters to a life in