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Lachlan Fetterplace

lachlan.fetterplace@slu.se Marine Ecologist PhD and Researcher: interested in a broad range of research areas including sustainable fishing, marine protected areas, electronic monitoring of


The increased presence of antimicrobial substances in water is a concern. The substances can be transformed over their life cycle through several different processes. SLU researchers have therefore

Plant and fish growth in aquaponic from a food production perspective

Lunch webinar: Plant and fish growth in aquaponic from a food production perspective aquaculture@slu.se Aquaponics with catfish. Photo: Ryan Somma During this seminar SLU researchers Samar Khalil

Tuna Research: Advancing Conservation and Management Knowledge

All along the Swedish west-coast sightings of jumping giant tunas are being reported. Already in early August an unusually high number of tunas were spotted in Öresund, indicating that the fish

SLU Aquaculture research & networking seminar

SLU Aquaculture research & networking seminar aquaculture@slu.se Most welcome to an SLU Aquaculture networking and research seminar to be held 8 Nov 2023 as a hybrid-/video conference meeting, from

Effektiv vattenanvändning lyfts av SLU-professor under Världsvattenveckan 22 augusti

How to effectively manage water resources is one of the key concerns of our time. Jennie Barron, professor in agricultural water quality and water management, is throwing light on this topic during

High methane emissions from northern rivers and streams

Freshwaters account for half of global emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. But among freshwaters, the role of rivers and streams in the methane cycle has

World Water Week 2023

World Water Week 2023 agnes.bondesson@slu.se Welcome to join Word Water Week, either in Stockholm or online. The theme for this year will be "Seeds of change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise

Aquatic foods are superfoods for people and for our planet

SLU Global, SLU Aqua and SLU Aquaculture hosted a successful webinar about sustainable production and harvesting of fish, invertebrates and algae captured or cultured in freshwater or marine

Workshop: A boost for collaboration on water research

lisa.beste@slu.se Are you in need of a collaboration partner for your planned project? – Boost your application through stakeholder collaboration! Stakeholder involvement and collaboration is

117 million to water researchers at SLU from the national research councils

Formas and the Swedish Research Council have made decisions about new projects that will be allocated research funds in the coming years. As many as 20 projects led by water researchers from SLU were

Seed money to strengthen and support internal cooperation on water at SLU

SLU Water Forum launches seed money during 2023 to strengthen internal cooperation on water at SLU. Researchers at SLU are encouraged to apply for funding for foremost research projects that aim at