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Climate research

Climatology or climate research is the study of climate, scientifically defined as weather conditions averaged over a period of time. This modern field of study is regarded as a branch of the atmospheric sciences and a subfield of physical geography, which is one of the Earth sciences.

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Martyn Futter

martyn.futter@slu.se I am an aquatic landscape ecologist. As an aquatic scientist, my primary focus is on freshwater lakes, rivers, streams and ponds, with occasional forays to the marine

Shirin Karimi

shirin.karimi@slu.se I am a researcher studying the hydrological functioning of catchments within a boreal ecosystem. My Ph.D. research focuses on exploring the potential of wetland restoration in

Combining local and scientific knowledge benefits forest management

How, why and for whom should forest be managed? PhD student Isabella Hallberg-Sramek identified these as key questions underlying forest conflicts and expectations on forests in Sweden. Together with

Lisa Ahrens

lisa.ahrens@slu.se I’m a PhD student at the Department of Molecular Sciences at SLU in the research group AMB (anaerobic microbial biotechnology) lead by Prof. Anna Schnürer. The main aim of my PhD

Meat: the Four Futures

Are our choices in the grocery store based on facts, values, habits, or simply a gut feeling of what feels right? TABLE, a platform run by three European universities, is now launching a podcast that

Alexander Pinkwart

alexander.pinkwart@slu.se I am interested in the effects of management on the carbon and greenhouse gas exchange of forest and peatland ecosystems. I investigate how restoration affects the

Webinar: How can we quantify climate effects of fast-growing broadleaf trees?

stina.johannesson@slu.se Trees For Me, the national centre of excellence focused on fast-growing broadleaf trees, invites you to a webinar on how fast-growing broadleaf trees and its products affect

Climate conversation: Communicating

SLU Global and SLU Future Forests recently hosted a climate conversation about communicating research for climate action. The webinar was part of a series of webinar inviting speakers to talk about

Karin Nilsson

karin.a.nilsson@slu.se Most of my work concerns aquatic food webs and fish populations in particular. Currently I focus on how human impacts - such as hydropower development and climate change -

UPSC Seminarium med Arthur Gessler

UPSC Cutting-Edge Seminar with Arthur Gessler anne.honsel@slu.se Scientific seminar organised by Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC)   Speaker: Arthur Gessler Director of the Long-term Forest

UPSC Seminarium med Andrew D Friend

UPSC Seminar with Andrew D Friend anne.honsel@slu.se Scientific seminar organised by Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC)   Speaker: Andrew D. Friend Department of Geography, University of Cambridge,

Tejshree Tiwari

tejshree.tiwari@slu.se Modelling biogeochemistry in boreal landscapes As a modeller, I am interested in the interconnectivity between biological, chemical and physical processes that govern the