Cleaning services

Last changed: 12 February 2018

SLU’s campuses have in-house cleaning services. The basic service level of SLU’s cleaning services is decided by the university management; the guiding principle is that the lowest level of service must be high enough to sustain a good work environment and satisfactory premise maintenance.

In addition to ongoing cleaning services, we coordinate other local services such as spring cleaning, window-washing and floor maintenance such as oiling wood floors and maintaining stone floors, etc. Additional services are outside of ordinary cleaning services and may consist of both recurring and temporary services. For example:

  • Kitchen services such as loading/emptying dishwashers, restocking coffee machines, cleaning refrigerators, etc.
  • Emptying recycling containers in lunchrooms.
  • Extra cleaning in addition to the regular services.
  • Laundry is managed by the cleaning services.

For all premises that SLU are responsible for, cleaning services are provided at a predetermined lowest level. These are called basic services and can be described as a basic cleaning service package.

Basic cleaning services

Basic cleaning services involve cleaning at regular intervals to ensure a good work environment and satisfactory premise maintenance. The basic cleaning services are adjusted accordingly depending on the purpose, design and operation of the premises as well as when they are used.

For SLU's part, the lowest level of cleaning services is decided centrally and applies to all of SLU. However, departments/equivalent can freely decide to increase the extent of their cleaning services or order additional services.

If you have any questions on basic cleaning services or other cleaning services issues, please contact the cleaning services supervisor at your site. See contact information below.

Calculating cleaning services

Cleaning service coordination is a common function for all of SLU. Our main task is to calculate and ensure that everyone gets the "correct" cleaning services for the premises they use.

All the cleaning services at SLU are based on the same standard (basic cleaning services). However, since conditions differ for each site or building, adjustments must be made. With the help of a computer-based system, we assess and calculate which services are needed for each premise. We document all the SLU premises and their cleaning services, and work closely with the unit responsible for provision of premises which also provides us with information on all changes to premises and stock.

Please remember that office carpets raises the price of cleaning services.

In addition to cleaning services prerequisites, we also provide consultation, for example concerning procurements and contracts, training, special cleaning services, etc.

If you need help to calculate your cleaning services, please contact Mikaela Tobar Björk. See contact information below.

The Division of Services, Security and Environment's (SSM) cleaning services can assist with the following service(s) from service catalogue:


Cleaning services Alnarp
Malin Edner Mc Guirk, +46(0)40-415221

Postal address: Avdelningen för infrastruktur
Box 19, 230 53 Alnarp

Cleaning services Skara
Jane Geismar, +46(0) 70-270 71 28

Cleaning services Ultuna

Cleaning services questions:

Visiting address: Almas allé 3A
Postal address: P.O. Box 7075, 750 07 Uppsala

SLU Service, cleaning services calculation:
Mikaela Tobar Björk,, +46 18-67 34 30

Cleaning services Umeå/Röbäcksdalen
Maria Renberg, +46(0) 90-786 81 81

Postal address:
901 83 Umeå