After receiving your booking confirmation

Last changed: 02 December 2021

Once rooms have been allocated, the room boking/exam services team will send you an email confirmation.

There are a few things you will need to check when you have received your confirmation. You will find a link to Timeedit at the bottom of this page.

You need to check this in Viewer:

  • Check your schedule in Timeedit Viewer and make sure everything is correct.
  • If anything needs correcting, or if no room has been allocated to a course component, email the room booking team.

Edit the booking in Viewer

As course coordinator, you can edit the booking and change information such as title, comment, external teacher, location (not room), e.g. the Knowledge Garden. For instructions, see the TE Viewer manual.

Booking rooms

If you need to change the time, room or the number of students for your booking, email the room booking team. Make sure it is completely clear what needs changing.


Uppsala – departments who use exam services should contact the exam services team directly to request changes. All other departments must contact the room booking team.

Alnarp/Umeå – all departments use exam services and must contact the exam services team directly to request changes.

AV Support

If you need to cancel AV support or make changes to your support request, contact AV Support directly.

Have you requested an Inspera exam?

Inspera is the digital examination tool currently being tested in Uppsala.

Have you requested the Insperat format in an order to the exam services team? Please note that an order confirmation does not necessarily mean that Inspera will be used for the exam. The order confirmation is only to show that a room has been booked; to begin with, your request will be processed the same way as a regular ‘hardcopy’ exam.

As Inspera is not yet available as an exam format in TE Exam, you need to make sure that you have requested Inspera in the free-text field. If that is not the case, please email the exam services team.

The Inspera project is only a pilot study, and the exam services team needs to make careful preparations before they can confirm that Inspera will be available for an exam. You will get a separate confirmation by email if that is the case for your exam.