Flammable gods

Last changed: 04 January 2023

Flammable goods

For handling/use of flammable goods a license is required. A license is applied for inthe municipality where the operation is conducted/to be run. The purpose of such a license is that the municipality should be able to verify that the handling of the goods is carried out in a safe manner for community and in accordance with the legislation.

The licenses for flammable goods are handled both centrally and locally at SLU. The central management has the purpose that SLU shall coordinate and have an overall view of the operations that handle flammable goods, as well as licenses available/needed, with regard to the fact that SLU as an employer has overall responsibility for these matters.

The person or persons using or handling flammable goods shall report this to SLU Security or to the local safety/security officer. Application for licenses is coordinated for each location since it is the respective municipality that issues licenses. Even if rules and regulations are identical, they are handled differently depending on the municipality. Any changes in  the handling of flammable goods should be reported to SLU Security or the local safety/security officer.

NOTE: Rescue services are informed about the licenses and handling of flammable goods and these form the basis for which activities are prepared, in connection with any alarm. It is vital that the information on flammable goods is accurate so that correct activities can begin as soon as possible, in the event of fire.