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Information security

Information security means protecting our information and making sure the right person can access the right information at the right time – confidentiality, integrity and availability. Information in all formats – spoken, written and digital – must be protected based on these aspects. In response to the situation in Ukraine, SLU is asking all staff and students to be extra vigilant for phishing and hacking attempts. You can learn more about information security by taking the online training offered by the Security Unit, see the list of links below.

Published: 05 April 2023 - Page editor: infra-webb@slu.se

Visiting address: Almas allé 8, 756 51 Uppsala
Postal address: Box 7020, 750 07 Uppsala

We are open 08:00-16:00.

Peter von Sydow
E-mail: peter.von.sydow@slu.se
Phone: +4618672298, +46761310696

Johnny Blanck
Säkerhetssamordnare, kontakt för frågor om fysisk säkerhet/skalskydd
E-mail: johnny.blanck@slu.se
Phone: +4618673408, +4676117257

Marcus Nilsson
Informationssäkerhetsstrateg, kontakt för frågor om informationssäkerhet
E-mail: marcus.b.nilsson@slu.se
Phone: +4618673455, +46761283667

Torbjörn Alwehammar
Brandskyddsansvarig, kontakt för frågor om brandskydd
E-mail: torbjorn.alwehammar@slu.se
Phone: +4618671039, +46703692636