Systematic fire protection work

Last changed: 10 January 2022

The systematic fire protection work (Swedish abbreviation SBA) at SLU aims to protect people, property and environment. Protection and the safety of people always have top priority.

SBA is divided into two main parts as follows:

1. Preventive work

Adequate fire protection is achieved primarily through a continuous preventive work to reduce the risk of fire.

2. Relief work

If fire breaks out, there shall be reasonable knowledge of staff and students to be able to limit a fire (extinguish) and to reduce the risk of injury (evacuate) until a rescue team arrives.

This is achieved primarily by:

  • Planning and organising in combination with technical design and use of buildings and premises.
  • Coordination and cooperation between property owners and persons occupying the premises.
  • Safe practices with regard to the handling of flammable and explosive materials and  goods.
  • Regular inspections of activities and equipment that may cause fire.
  • Education and training.

SBA organisation at SLU

Departments/divisions or equivalent level

Every department, division or equivalent shall have one appointed fire-protection inspector/ evacuation supervisor who will regularly conduct  control and supervision of the fire protection. A person responsible for flammable and explosive goods shall be appointed wherever needed. In the event that several departments or divisions interact within the same building/cluster, it is appropriate that a joint fire-protection coordinator (Superintendent, “Intendent”) is appointed and responsible for the coordination within the building/cluster. This applies even if the activity is scattered to different buildings, but an organisational context still creates the area/cluster.

Regional level

In Umeå, Alnarp and Skara there is a regional function responsible for the SBA-work jointly for the campus and the region. The functions retrieve overall documentation, guidelines and standards from SLU’s fire-protection coordinator and apply them locally.

Central level

A  fire-protection officer, organisationally located within SLU Security, is responsible for overall issues related to the systematic fire protection work at SLU. This function is also responsible for the Uppsala region in terms of fire protection issues.