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The NJ Faculty's strategy 2017-2020

Published: 10 January 2017

The NJ Faculty’s strategy for the period 2017–2020 clarifies the faculty’s priorities for research, education, environmental monitoring and assessment and external collaboration. It also makes the priorities of the comprehensive SLU strategy clearer and more concrete from a faculty perspective.

The NJ Faculty's strategy is linked to the joint SLU strategy as well as the university's three strategic direction documents for education, collaboration and environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA).

In addition to contributing to the university's joint objectives, the NJ Faculty has the following objectives:


  • Increased exchange between research in natural, humanistic and social sciences to develop cross-disciplinary research.
  • Basic research in ecology, plant biology, soil science and molecular sciences continues to have a strong international impact.
  • Application-oriented agricultural research, and research on rural development are more visible and developed, their scientific impact has increased and findings and knowledge are increasingly in demand by practitioners and society.
  • Research on sustainable food systems is developed and increasingly in demand.
  • Environmental research is central to our operations, and its impact on science and in society has increased.
  • More research leads to innovations.

Doctoral education:

  • Turn around the downward trend in the number of doctoral students who are admitted and who graduate.
  • Ensure both depth and width in the faculty's course offerings.


  • Increased integration of EMA with research and teaching.


  • Increased quality and scope of collaboration.
  • The faculty and other stakeholders have a mutual understanding for each other's conditions.
  • Increased mobility between academia and the surrounding community.

Read more about or objectives, priorities and actions in "The NJ Faculty's Strategy 2017-2020".


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