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Sylvia Larsson

My research covers the whole upgrading chain for making biomass and industrial side-products into industrial feedstock. I enjoy working with applied research in pilot scale, but also to go into detail in specific sub-processes to gain the knowledge and understanding required for problem solving and development in the biobased society.


Bibliometric indicators (from Scopus 2021-05-17)

Documents: 53

Citations: 859 citations by 701 documents

h-index: 17

Co-authors: 152

Average impact factor since 2017: 4.46

Subject areas: Energy; Chemical Engineering; Environmental Science; Engineering; Agricultural and Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Materials Science; Business, Management and Accounting; Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics; Physics and Astronomy 

Current position

2020→  Chair Professor of Technical Biomaterial Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology, Sweden.

2014→  General Manager at the Biomass Technology Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden.


Current projects

2011→             “Bio4Energy”; main funding: The Swedish Government. 

2021                  “Investigating the electrochemical functionality of Norway spruce bark biochar and polymer composites”; main funding: Bio4Energy Strategic Funds.

2020-2021     “Sustainable carbon monoliths for energy storage from pulp and paper industrial side-streams”; main funding: Treesearch Intercommunion projects and the Bio4Energy Wood Pre-processing Platform.

2018-2021     “Processanpassade biobaserade sortiment genom nyutveckling av ångexplosionsprocessen (Process-adapted biobased assortments through novel development of the steam explosion process)”; main funding: VINNOVA Bioinnovation Treesearch.

2019-2021     “Development of methods for separating valuable components from forestry residues to produce raw materials for biobased composites, chemicals and biofuel”; main funding: The Swedish Energy Agency.

2018-2021     “Bildningsmekanismer och ytkemi hos biokol (Biochar formation mechanisms and surface chemistry)”; main funding: Bio4Energy Strategic Funds.