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Wood science

Some wood science issues are wood technology and properties, wood anatomy, wood and fibre micro- and ultrastructure, fibre modification, microbial degradation of wood and wood products, wood and fungal biotechnology, molecular mycology and fungal ecology, wood protection and durability as well as painted wood problems.

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Stergios Adamopoulos

stergios.adamopoulos@slu.se Stergios Adamopoulos is Professor in Wood Science and Technology at the Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology since November 2020. His academic career started

Anneli Adler

anneli.adler@slu.se I am a researcher in plant ecology. My research focuses on innovative methods to increase the long-term sustainability of agroecosystems. One of the methods for increasing the

Complex data is portrayed with music

When you want to reach a broad audience with complex scientific results, it can be difficult to explain the conclusions. Setting the data to music can be a solution. Together the notes may capture a

New projects on continuous cover forestry

New projects on continuous cover forestry teresia.borgman@slu.se The Future Forests platform invites researchers to a workshop on potential new research projects on continuous cover forestry. This

Successful tree modifications should be gentle and not compromise plant growth and development

Evgeniy Donev, PhD student in Ewa Mellerowicz group at UPSC, investigated different modification strategies to genetically improve hybrid aspen for biofuel production. The idea is to make sugars in

Wood properties affect the efficiency of nanocellulose extraction

Nanocellulose forms the basis of many novel materials and is used already now for a wide range of different applications. Anne Bünder, PhD student in Totte Niittylä’s group, investigated how wood

Erik Bongcam Rudloff

erik.bongcam@slu.se My main interest is in solving Life Science problems using bioinformatics approaches. Developing and managing complex multidisciplinary networked projects. Erik Bongcam-Rudloff

William Lidberg

william.lidberg@slu.se Leads an interdisciplinary research group that looks at opportunities and challenges with artificial intelligence in Sweden's forests. Proud creator of SLU soil moisture map

Anna Wallenbeck

anna.wallenbeck@slu.se I work with research, education, communication and cooperation concerning sustainable animal production systems, with focus on animal welfare, breeding and production. I am

Sylvia Larsson

My research covers the whole upgrading chain for making biomass and industrial side-products into industrial feedstock. I enjoy working with applied research in pilot scale, but also to go into

Panagiotis Nikolaou Moschou

Associate Professor in Molecular and Cellular Biology (2016-) Research description Our research is focused on the role of catabolic pathways such as RNA degradation and proteolysis, particularly