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Wood science

Some wood science issues are wood technology and properties, wood anatomy, wood and fibre micro- and ultrastructure, fibre modification, microbial degradation of wood and wood products, wood and fungal biotechnology, molecular mycology and fungal ecology, wood protection and durability as well as painted wood problems.

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Raffaello (Rafail) Papadakis

rafail.papadakis@slu.se I hold a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the Technical University of Athens, Greece, with a background in chemical engineering (MEng). Throughout my career, I have

Maya-Setan Diakité

maya.setan.diakite@slu.se Maya is a postdoctoral researcher working on the valorisation of biomass proteins to make absorbent materials for the hygiene and medical sectors. She has a background in

Percy Alao

percy.alao@slu.se Currently a Post-doc fellow having graduated Doctor's Degree, 2022, (supervisors) Jaan Kers; Triinu Poltimäe, Characterisation of Frost-Retted Hemp Fibres for Use as Reinforcement

Anneli Adler

anneli.adler@slu.se I am a researcher in plant ecology. My research focuses on innovative methods to increase the long-term sustainability of agroecosystems. One of the methods for increasing the

Aspen trees exposed to repetitive flexing grew faster

The sight of trees swaying in the wind has captivated the imagination of artists and nature enthusiasts. However, for the trees themselves, this continuous mechanical stimulation can be a source of

Developing the multi-storey construction market

Wooden multi-storey constructions are beneficial for the climate compared to concrete which is predominately used today. Researchers from Sweden and Finland show that increased awareness about design

SLU will lead a major investment in the development of bio-based adhesives

In the manufacture of furniture, glued laminated timber, and packaging, huge amounts of adhesives are used, which today are almost exclusively fossil-based. Now a consortium consisting of three

Stergios Adamopoulos

stergios.adamopoulos@slu.se Stergios Adamopoulos is Professor in Wood Science and Technology at the Department of Forest Biomaterials and Technology since November 2020. His academic career started

Complex data is portrayed with music

When you want to reach a broad audience with complex scientific results, it can be difficult to explain the conclusions. Setting the data to music can be a solution. Together the notes may capture a

Erik Bongcam Rudloff

erik.bongcam@slu.se My main interest is in solving Life Science problems using bioinformatics approaches. Developing and managing complex multidisciplinary networked projects. Erik Bongcam-Rudloff

William Lidberg

william.lidberg@slu.se Leads an interdisciplinary research group that looks at opportunities and challenges with artificial intelligence in Sweden's forests. Proud creator of SLU soil moisture map

Anna Wallenbeck

anna.wallenbeck@slu.se I work with research, education, communication and cooperation concerning sustainable animal production systems, with focus on animal welfare, breeding and production. I am