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Natural science

Natural science is a branch of science concerned with the description, prediction, and understanding of natural phenomena, based on observational and empirical evidence.

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Maria Vilain Rørvang

andrus.kangro@slu.se Researcher at the Department of Biosystems and Technology, animal group. I have a Masters degree in Agrobiology and a PhD in Animal Science and work mainly on research

Edoardo Piombo

edoardo.piombo@slu.se I am a bioinformatician skilled in data mining and visualization. I have experience in working with high-throughput sequencing data coming from genome, transcriptome or

Ola Lindroos

Ola Lindroos ola.lindroos@slu.se My research topic covers many various aspects of forest operations, with a main focus on evaluations and improvements of new innovations in forest technology. The

Tejshree Tiwari

tejshree.tiwari@slu.se Modelling biogeochemistry in boreal landscapes As a modeller, I am interested in the interconnectivity between biological, chemical and physical processes that govern the

Mats Nilsson

mats.b.nilsson@slu.se Professor emeritus (Senior Advisor) at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management I am a professor in Soil Science, Biogeochemistry. I do research and teaching on

Theresa S. Ibáñez

theresa.ibanez@slu.se Postdoctoral researcher • Ph.D. in Biology • Forest ecology • Carbon sequestration • Plant-soil interactions • Climate change • Wildfire • Boreal forest Theresa S. Ibáñez has

Lizel Potgieter

lizel.potgieter@slu.se I am a bioinformatician at the Department of Plant Breeding in Alnarp and at SLUBI I completed my B.Sc. Biotechnology, B.Sc. (Hons) Genetics, and M.Sc. Genetics at the

Jaime Luna

jaime.luna@slu.se PhD student interested in forest biodiversity, restoration and conservation, with a special focus on entomology. I am a curious biologist and entomologist interested in

Hanna Eriksson Röhnisch

hanna.eriksson.rohnisch@slu.se Researcher at the Department of Molecular Sciences In my current position as a researcher at the Department of Molecular Sciences, the research focus is on a

Carlos Cardoso Palacios

carlos.cardoso.palacios@slu.se Versatile molecular biologist with a certain talent for programming I'm working with the monitoring of the wolf population in Sweden and with different assignments

Renee Van Dorst

Renee Van Dorst renee.van.dorst@slu.se SLU, postdoc, research, researcher, Renee Van Dorst, Department of wildlife fish and environmental studies, institutionen för vilt fisk och miljö, ecology,

Thomas Prade

andrus.kangro@slu.se My scientific interest is in integration of agricultural production of food, feed, bio-materials and bioenergy. Thus, my research aims at finding new ways and at developing