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Biochemistry and molecular biology

Biochemistry, sometimes called biological chemistry, is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. Molecular biology concerns the molecular basis of biological activity between the various systems of a cell, including the interactions between DNA, RNA and proteins and their biosynthesis, as well as the regulation of these interactions.

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Crop protection futures in agriculture-en

Crop protection futures in agriculture futurefood@slu.se Crop production is the vital basis for our food system, but the current set up is highly dependent on inputs of chemical pesticides and

Laura Okmane

laura.okmane@slu.se My research interests lie in protein science. I use methods such as X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, and various biochemical assays to study carbohydrate-active enzymes,

Lisa Ahrens

lisa.ahrens@slu.se I’m a PhD student at the Department of Molecular Sciences at SLU in the research group AMB (anaerobic microbial biotechnology) lead by Prof. Anna Schnürer. The main aim of my PhD

Naike Schwenner

naike.schwenner@slu.se I am in the group of Structural Biology in the Department of Molecular Sciences. Here I analyze the catalytic mechanisms and substrate specifies of carbohydrate-active enzymes

Florentine Ballhaus

florentine.ballhaus@slu.se all publications The plant catabolism laboratories

Petra Fransson

petra.fransson@slu.se My research focuses on how plants and their associated microbes interact with soil processes. The long-term goal is to understand the functional link between soil microbial

Yong Zou

yong.zou@slu.se Yong Zou is a molecular biologist and plant physiologist with expertise in the study of metacaspases in the regulation of stress responses in green algae.

Grace Pold

grace.pold@slu.se I am currently studying the ecology of denitrifiers using a combination of phylogenetics and metagenomic meta-analyses. This work is relevant for disentangling how nitrogen is

Carlos Cardoso Palacios

carlos.cardoso.palacios@slu.se Versatile molecular biologist with a certain talent for programming I'm working with the monitoring of the wolf population in Sweden and with different assignments

Diss Pernilla Elander

Living through hard times: Dispose of or sequester? Plant subcellular strategies for stress resilience charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Pernilla Elander defends her thesis "Living through hard times:

Her results fill knowledge gaps on carbon allocation in trees

Trees are key players for carbon removal from the atmosphere. But what is happening with the carbon once it enters the trees? Sonja Viljamaa, PhD student in Totte Niittylä’s group at UPSC and SLU,

Bjørn Dueholm

bjorn.dueholm@slu.se I research a broad variety of pea accessions for pre-breeding purporses. The aim is to provide breeders with knowledge they can use for creating new cultivars better adapted to