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Maria Jacobsen

Maria Jacobsen
My research aims at promoting healthy and sustainable food consumption.


My current research is sustainability assessments of foods and diets and how the food system can be transformed to reduce the environmental impact of foods whilst keeping or increasing the nutritional intake among small children in Sweden. The overarching aim of my PhD project is to assess different strategies to promote sustainability and identify innovative technologies and processes within the food system on micro (individual), meso (food environment) and macro (food system) levels. 

I work in the interdisciplinary PLAN’EAT project with colleagues from across Europe and collaborate with Swedish representatives from the food chain, policymakers, NGOs, educational system, healthcare professionals, researchers and a citizen panel.


I have a bachelor’s degree in optometry from Karolinska Institue, from 2003. After my graduation, I worked in the field for almost 15 years, fitting glasses and contact lenses and working with refractive surgery. In 2017, I started studying human nutrition at Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute and graduated in 2020. My interest in sustainability issues grew during my years at Karolinska Insitute, and I took a master’s degree in Sustainable food systems (food science) at SLU in January 2022. After that I worked as an analyst at RISE and research assistant at SLU until I started my PhD in February 2023.


I supervise master's and bachelor's students when the topic is relevant to my reserach. I am also a supervisor in the SLU master's program course LV0103 Prospects and Challenges for a Sustainable Food System.

Selected publications

Strid I,  Jacobsen M, Alvåsen K, Rydén J (2023). Loss of beef during primary production at Swedish farms 2002-2021. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems Sustainable Food Processing

Jacobsen M, Bianchi M, Trigo J.P, Undeland I, Hallström E, Bryngelsson S (2023). Nutritional and toxicological characteristics of Saccharina latissima, Ulva fenestrata, Ulva intestinalis, and Ulva rigida: a review. International Journal of Food Properties


Doctoral Student at the Department of Energy and Technology; Agricultural technology and systems
Telephone: +46701441730
Postal address:
Inst för energi och teknik, Box 7032
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Uppsala

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