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Fotis Pappas

Fotios Pappas
Doctoral student in Statistical Genetics and Epigenetics


The main focal point of my PhD project is linked to identifying possible epigenetic risk factors for decreased fertility in Arctic charr.


My research is emphasizing on studying the DNA-methylation landscape of male gametes, its inheritance patterns and its relashionship to complex reproductive traits.


My supervisory team consists of: Christos Palaiokostas(main), Martin Johnsson from SLU (Sweden) and Paul Debes from Hólar University (Iceland).

My research project heavily relies on the collaboration with VBCN (Vattenbrukscentrum Norr) that hosts the national fish breeding programs.


  • Data analysis and genetics specialist, Växa R&D, Sweden
  • Double MSc in Animal Science and Bioinformatics, SLU, Sweden
  • BSc in Biological Sciences, AUTh, Greece