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SLU Aquaculture

The mission of the SLU Aquaculture platform is to consolidate and develop aquaculture research and education at SLU.

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Parisa Norouzitallab

parisa.norouzitallab@slu.se Epigenetics is the study of reversible changes in gene expression and function that occur without modifications in the DNA sequence. The epigenetic variations that are

Sustainable aquatic feeds for resilient aquatic food systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

SLU is the academic partner in a collaborative WorldFish project in Sub-Saharan Africa. The project will run until 2027 and aims to increase the income and improve food security of 5,000 smallholder

Aquatic foods are superfoods for people and for our planet

SLU Global, SLU Aqua and SLU Aquaculture hosted a successful webinar about sustainable production and harvesting of fish, invertebrates and algae captured or cultured in freshwater or marine

New call from SLU Aquaculture

To stimulate cross-faculty collaborations and further strengthen aquaculture research at SLU we announce a new call! Applicants can receive up to SEK 200,000. The last day to apply is 13 October 2022

The global food crisis – a threat or opportunity for young smallholder farmers?

Panel discussion – from left; Tracy Kimathi, Dr. Jenna Senecal, Elizabeth Nsimadala, Ng’endo Machua-Muniu. Photo by Petter Alke Current world developments and shocks are potentially leading to a

Webinar: Securing sustainable access to aquatic foods

Webinar: Securing sustainable access to aquatic foods aquaculture@slu.se Welcome to a webinar with focus on sustainable production and harvesting of “aquatic foods”, that is fish, invertebrates and

Interdisciplinary Academy

During an eight-month period, researchers with different academic backgrounds will have the opportunity to jointly increase knowledge of interdisciplinary working methods SLU. Participants within the

Prophylaxis of infectious diseases in fish, shrimp and pigs

Seminar: Prophylaxis of infectious diseases in fish, shrimp and pigs aquaculture@slu.se Welcome to this seminar with invited guests from Ghent University! The program covers both aquatic and

Open call for co-funding of two collaborative PhD projects in Aquaculture

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science hereby opens a call for two PhD projects within aquaculture. The call is open to researchers within all subjects and disciplines involving

Uppsala Health Summit 2022

Uppsala Health Summit 2022 malin.planting@.slu.se Theme: Healthy lives from sustainable food systems Food lies at the heart of both health and sustainable development, yet our current food systems

Seminar on how to strengthen Swedish aquaculture

Seminar on how to strengthen Swedish aquaculture aquaculture@slu.se The Swedish Board of Agriculture will tell about their role in strengthening Swedish aquaculture and together with Matfiskodlarna

Apply for funding from SLU Future Food

SLU Future Food announces three calls for funding for researchers at SLU. There are three current calls: Seed funding for Food & Cities projects. Deadline for applications 29 April 2022 . The aim of