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Genetics and breeding

Genetics is the study of genes, heredity, and genetic variation in living organisms. Breeding is the reproduction that is producing of offspring, usually animals or plants: Breeding in the wild, the natural process of reproduction in the animal kingdom. Animal husbandry, through selected specimens such as dogs, horses, and rabbits. Plant breeding, through selected specimens such as trees.

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Fluturë Novakazi

Young researcher fascinated by fungal plant pathogens, resistance breeding, and cereal genetics. Solving the stinking mystery - Which species is behind the recent increase in common bunt incidence?

Methods in Modern Plant Breeding: Genome editing

SLU Grogrunds workshopserie – Methods in Modern Plant Breeding - Genome Editing marianne.persson@slu,se Digital workshop in English about Genome editing, led by Per Hofvander, Department of Plant

Methods in Modern Plant Breeding: Genomic selection

SLU Grogrunds workshopserie – Methods in Modern Plant Breeding - Genomic Selection marianne.persson@slu.se Digital workshop in English about Genomic selection, led by Aakash Chawade, Department of

Methods in Modern plant Breeding: Association mapping

SLU Grogrunds workshopserie: Methods in Modern Plant Breeding - Association Mapping marianne.persson@slu.se   Digital workshop in English about Association mapping, led by Larisa Gustavsson,

SLU Grogrund workshopserie

SLU Grogrund promotes research education and competence development for professionals in the workshop series Methods in Modern Plant Breeding. During autumn 2021 there will be three workshops in

Johan Westin

More than 30 years experience of forest research at Skogforsk, Tree breeder, deputy program manager and station manager. PhD in Plant physiology 2000 in the area between tree physiology and

Biotechnology for Sustainability – Final report from Mistra Biotech 2012-2020

Mistra Biotech is a Swedish research programme that has been working for eight years to advance the use of modern biotechnology for a more sustainable agriculture. We have done this on a broad basis,

Diana Marciulyniene

As a forest pathologist I integrate quantitative and qualitative data to learn more about ecological, economic, and sociocultural factors that sustains the structure, composition, processes, function

Sandra Bonow

I completed my MSc in Animal Science at SLU in 2014. In my master thesis I analyzed the results from the newly introduced linear descriptions at the young horse performance test for Swedish Warmblood

CANCELLED: Final Conference of Mistra Biotech

anna.lehrman@slu.se Mistra Biotech is a research programme focusing on the use of biotechnology in crop and livestock breeding for sustainable and competitive agriculture. It started in 2012 and is

Genetically modified plant acquires more organic nitrogen from agricultural soil

The model plant thale cress acquires organic nitrogen from the soil, although its roots do not form symbiosis with mycorrhizal fungi. This is shown in a study, led by SLU researchers. They also show

Abdulai Guinguina

My research aims at understanding the variation between cows in the components that have an impact on feed efficiency, and to evaluate and develop methods in applied agriculture to rank the cows