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Genetics and breeding

Genetics is the study of genes, heredity, and genetic variation in living organisms. Breeding is the reproduction that is producing of offspring, usually animals or plants: Breeding in the wild, the natural process of reproduction in the animal kingdom. Animal husbandry, through selected specimens such as dogs, horses, and rabbits. Plant breeding, through selected specimens such as trees.

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Plant cell wall research opens up new opportunities for bioengineering

Secondary cell walls provide the plant with stability and protection against damage and pathogens. PhD student Félix Barbut from Ewa Mellerowicz’s group at UPSC and SLU has been studying the role of

Workshop on plant breeding and methods

lisa.beste@slu.se SLU Grogrund is arranging a workshop on 28 May, 09:30 am – 3:00 pm with a focus on the latest methodology for use in plant breeding such as gene editing, high-throughput

New genetic discoveries could enhance rainforest restoration

In a recent study, researchers in Borneo explored how climate affects evolution of tropical tree species. The results showed that genetic variation in tree performance was related to the origin of

Fotis Pappas

fotis.pappas@slu.se Doctoral student in Statistical Genetics and Epigenetics The main focal point of my PhD project is linked to identifying possible epigenetic risk factors for decreased fertility

Carl-Gustaf Thulin

carl-gustaf.thulin@slu.se Researcher, Department of Animal Biosciences Researcher (Associate Professor) at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. Focus on evolutionary genetics,

Data from cows forms a new knowledge hub

The Swedish University of Agriculture is participating in a new knowledge hub that will support the digital transformation of Swedish agriculture. SLU contributes expertise, data and experience from

Åsa Ohlsson

asa.ohlsson@slu.se In my research I mainly focus on the genetic reasons behind heart disease in cats, but I do not limit myself to that. I like to lecture to both students and breeders on the

Anneli Adler

anneli.adler@slu.se I am a researcher in plant ecology. My research focuses on innovative methods to increase the long-term sustainability of agroecosystems. One of the methods for increasing the

Alejandra Del Pilar Román Peña

pilar.roman@slu.se My interest is working with native species from Bolivia, especially camelids and birds. In my bachelor thesis in Biology, I worked with the in vitro culture of a Bromelia

Beatrice Tolio

beatrice.tolio@slu.se PhD student at Skogforsk and SLU on ash dieback and breeding for resistance The goal of my PhD is to support the development of a highly resistant population of European ash (

Giovanni Bozza

giovanni.bozza@slu.se Tree breeding - early flowering of Silver birch I am working on "Flowering as a key for the successful development of an efficient and rapid breeding of birch (Betula pendula)

Selvaraju Kanagarajan

selvaraju.kanagarajan@slu.se I am a plant molecular biologist focusing on innovative biotechnological approaches to improve agricultural production, nutrition, and human health. Our work includes