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Anna Lehrman

Anna Lehrman
With a background in research on plant/insect interactions, plant breeding and various issues regarding genetic engineering, I continued my work at SLU within communication. In the autumn of 2020, I started as fundraiser working with donations, collaborations and development.


Fundraising, donations and collaboration.


Master of Philosophy in Biology at Lund University, Doctor of Entomology at SLU. During my PhD I focused on rapeseed genetically modified to resist the pollen beetle. During my postdoc I examined tri-trophic interactions in Salix. After that, I moved on to research communication, working as editor of Växtskyddsnotiser and Faktablad om växtskydd - jordbruk. During 2012-2020 I was head of communications in the reserach programme Mistra Biotech (and deputy programme director 2016-2020).

Selected publications

Bubolz, J., Sleboda, P., Lehrman, A., Hansson, S-O., Lagerkvist, C.J., Andersson, B., Lenman, M., Resjö, S., Ghislain, M., Awais Zahid, M.,Phuong Kieu, N. & Andreasson, E. 2022. Genetically modified (GM) late blightresistant potato and consumer attitudes before and after a field visit, GM Crops & Food, 13: 290-298, DOI: 10.1080/21645698.2022.2133396

Lehrman, A. (ed.). 2020. Shaping our food – an overview of crop and livestock breeding. Second edition. Uppsala, SLU. E-book ISBN 978-91-981907-1-7 

Lehrman, A. (red.). 2020. Framtidens mat – om husdjursavel och växtförädling. Andra utgåvan. Uppsala, SLU. ISBN 978-91-981907-2-4 (tryck svenska)
ISBN 978-91-981907-4-8 (PDF svenska)

Gustafsson, C. & Lehrman, A. 2020. Framtidens gröna energi kan
odlas i Norrland. Energivarlden

Lehrman, A. & Hansson, S.O. 2019. Gentekniken och den
odlade mångfalden. Biodiverse 2: 14

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Lehrman, A. (ed.). 2014. Shaping our food – an overview of crop and livestock breeding. Uppsala, SLU. Ebook, ISBN 978-91-637-5757-0

Lehrman, A. (red.). 2014. Framtidens mat – om husdjursavel och växtförädling. Uppsala, SLU. ISBN 978-91-637-5758-7(web), ISBN 978-91-981907-0-0 (tryck)

Geleta, M., Zhu, L.H., Stymne, S., Lehrman, A., & Hansson, S.O. 2014. Domestication of Lepidium campestre as part of Mistra Biotech, a research programme focused on agro-biotechnology for sustainable food, in Batello, C., Wade, L., Cox, S., Pogna, N., Bozzini, A., & Choptiany, J. (Eds.) Perennial crops for food security. Proceedings of the FAO expert workshop, Rome, Italy, 28-30 August 2013 (pp. 141-147). FAO, Italy.

Torp, M, Lehrman, A, Stenberg, JA, Julkunen-Tiitto & Björkman, C. 2013. Performance of an herbivoroud leaf beetle (Phratora vulgatissima) on Salix F2 hybrids: The importance of phenolics. Journal of Chemical Ecology 39: 516-24

Lehrman, A, Boddum, T, Stenberg, JA, Orians, CM & Björkman, C. 2013. Constitutive and herbivore-induced systemic volatiles differentially attract an omnivorous biocontrol agent to contrasting Salix clones. AoB PLANTS 5: 1-8

Lehrman, A, Torp, M, Julkunen-Tiitto, R, Stenberg, JA, & Björkman, C. 2012. Estimating direct resistance in willows against a major insect pest (Phratora vulgatissima) comparing life history traits. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 144: 93-100

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Lehrman A, 2007. Does Pea Lectin Expressed Transgenically in Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus) influence Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Larvae? Environmental Biosafety Research 6

Lehrman A, 2007. Oilseed rape transformed with a pea lectin gene. Target and non-target insects, plant competition, and farmer attitudes. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae no 2007:95 (PhD thesis)


Fundraiser at the Vice-Chancellor's Office; Vice-Chancellor's Office, secretariat
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Visiting address: Almas allé 8, Uppsala