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Entomology is the scientific study of insects, a branch of zoology.

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Jan Pettersson’s donation - travel stipends for PhD students

In honor of Professor Emeritus Jan Pettersson, who passed away in August 2017, a scholarship fund has been established. The travel stipends are intended for PhD students at SLU with projects related

Donnie Peterson

donnie.peterson@slu.se I am forest entomologist that is interested in woodborer ecology and their potential to be invasive species. I conducted my PhD at Wright State University (Dayton, Ohio, USA)

25th Biennial International Plant Resistance to Insects Workshop (25IPRI)

25th Biennial International Plant Resistance to Insects Workshop (25IPRI) fredrik.reslow@slu.se Welcome to the 25th Biennial International Plant Resistance to Insects Workshop (25IPRI) to be held

Joachim de Miranda

joachim.de.miranda@slu.se I am an associate professor and researcher in bee health. I started my research as a virologist working on virus diseases of crops and plants. My career as a research

Barbara Locke Grandér

barbara.locke@slu.se My research focuses on understanding host-parasite adaptations and interactions between honey bees, Varroa mites and the lethal bee viruses vectored by the mite. I further

Sara Capitan

sara.capitan@slu.se PhD Student | Biology My research is in ecology with a focus on plant-organismal interactions. Currently I study circular resource use in cricket (Acheta domesticus) rearing and

Fabian Bötzl

fabian.botzl@slu.se I am interested in integrating beneficial natural ecosystem services into agricultural production to make it more sustainable in the light of global change. Special focus on

Sasha Vasconcelos

sasha.vasconcelos@slu.se I'm a PhD student based at the Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources (CIBIO-InBIO, University of Porto), Portugal, and am developing my thesis in

Naomi L.P. Keehnen

I am an evolutionary biologist and use ecological & evolutionary genomics to investigate adaptations within the immune system in wild insect populations. My main research interest lies in the

Nicholas Scaramella

I am a Ph.D. student working on host-parasite interactions with the European Honeybee, and its ectoparasite, the Varroa mite. We are in a unique position to have access to a special population of

Piero Onorati

Graduated in biotechnology with a broad knowledge of digital- and real time qPCR analytical methods and extensive experience with different molecular biology techniques, bioinformatics, sampling,

Grace contributes to food security with push-pull technologies

Grace Mercy want to contribute to food security, sustainable agriculture and new biocontrol solutions with her new PhD project on push-pull technology. This is a cropping system that that reduces