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Entomology is the scientific study of insects, a branch of zoology.

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SLU Risk assessment of plant pests

SLU Risk assessment of plant pests

We perform independent analyses which will provide support to the Swedish Board of Agriculture in their effort to counter the damage of non-indigenous pests.


Publications from SLU Risk assessment of plant pests. Pest Risk Assessments Rapid Pest Risk Analysis Xyleborinus attenuatus , June 2017 Rapid Pest Risk Analysis Xylosandrus germanus , May 2017

Assignments and projects

Here you can find examples of assignments that SLU Risk assessment of plant pests has completed and information about our projects. Assignments and projects Here you can find examples of assignments

Department of Ecology

Department of Ecology

How can we manage forests and land without threating biodiversity and ruining ecosystem services? These divergent goals require a broad understanding of ecological interactions in nature. Research,

Helena Eriksson

Helena Eriksson

I work as an environmental advisor at Sida's Helpdesk for Environment and Climate Change. The Helpdesk aims to contribute to increased integration of environmental and climate perspectives in all

Centre for Biological Control (CBC)

Centre for Biological Control (CBC)

We contribute to the development of new knowledge concerning the use of living organisms to control pests and diseases. CBC is a competence driven actor in biological control, both nationally and

Diversified farming

The Bommarco lab analyses databases to assess how diversified farming might enhance crop yield and ecosystem services in cropping systems. We examine impacts of climate change and diversified farming

Forest Entomology

Forest entomology is applied ecology with its scientific roots in silviculture and population ecology of insects. The main focus in forest entomology is on the insect pests of the forests and how


By understanding the mechanisms underlying plant interactions it is possible to develop sustainable crop protection strategies based on design of cropping systems. We focus on the interactions

Biodiversity Conservation

The Bommarco lab develops nature conservation of both rare and common biodiversity, focusing on the management and values of semi-natural grasslands and green infrastructure. Greener infrastructure:


Researchers at the Department of Ecology drill deep down into ecological issues without losing contact with major social questions. We study species – both those that are threatened and those that

Ecosystem services in agriculture

The Bommarco lab empirically and theoretically explores ecosystem functions in insect-plant-soil food webs in agricultural ecosystems. We apply this to crop production, pest control and pollination.