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Entomology is the scientific study of insects, a branch of zoology.

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Electra Lennartsson

electra.lennartsson@slu.se PhD candidate in the Department of Crop Production Ecology. Working on the N2CROP project in collaboration with Aarhus University in Denmark. Main supervisor: Martin

Biodiversity ­Challenge 2024

Biodiversity ­Challenge 2024 cecilia.nordstrom@slu.se On May 2, Biodiversity Challenge 2024 kicks off. The contest, internationally known as Biodiversity Challenge for ICA members, is a

Diss Sokha Kheam

Insect-plant interactions within cultivar mixtures: volatile plant communication as an underlying mechanism charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Sokha Kheam defends his thesis "Insect-plant interactions

Velemir Ninkovic

mw-red@slu.se Senior Lecturer and External Collaboration Specialist in plant protection with emphasis on integrated pest management in agriculture Research interests My research area within

Gersey Vargas

gersey.vargas.rivera@slu.se Gersey Vargas is a PhD researcher that is addressing questions related to how horse grazing shapes the insect and plant communities of semi-natural grasslands. He is

Xinyan Ruan

xinyan.ruan@slu.se I am a PhD student working on the immunity of honeybees. I am originally from China, where I obtained my first bachelor's degree in Plant Protection and minor degree in Applied

Nolan J Rappa

nolan.rappa@slu.se Postdoctor at the department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies researching forest insect pollinator communities. I am interested in (but not limited to) forest insect

Beatrice Tolio

beatrice.tolio@slu.se PhD student at Skogforsk and SLU on ash dieback and breeding for resistance The goal of my PhD is to support the development of a highly resistant population of European ash (

Albin Larsson Ekström

albin.larsson.ekstrom@slu.se Doctoral student in restoration ecology. Investigating responses of deadwood-associated species to restoration measures in pine and deciduous forests. My research

Cassandra Vogel

cassandra.vogel@slu.se I'm a postdoc researching the resilience of biological pest control to climate change. To do this, I explore the climatic niches of natural enemy communities, and how natural

Gabriele Greco

gabriele.greco@slu.se Hi! I’m a scientist with a background in physics and materials science. I love to explore and tackle scientific topics from a multidisciplinary perspective. My

Bee engaged

Bees and other pollinators, such as butterflies, bats and hummingbirds, are part of the biodiversity on which we all depend for our survival. They are increasingly under threat from human activities