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Animal science

Animal science includes the anatomy, fysiology, behavoiur, breeding, feeding and management of animals that are under the control of humankind. The animals studied are livestock species and also companion animals like dogs and cats, and many exotic species. 

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Omar Hmeadi

omar.hmeadi@slu.se https://scholar.google.se/citations?user=nYu9TBcAAAAJ&hl=en https://orcid.org/my-orcid?orcid=0000-0001-8893-7348   https://www.linkedin.com/in/omar-hmeadi-b321ba71/ https://

Gersey Vargas

gersey.vargas.rivera@slu.se Gersey Vargas is a PhD researcher that is addressing questions related to the impact of horse grazing on grassland restoration through its insect and plant communities.

Josefine Jerlström

josefine.jerlstrom@slu.se I am an agronomist in Animal Science, with a master's degree in Animal Science. My PhD project is interdisciplinary and aims to investigate the link between economics and

Léonie Duris

leonie.duris@slu.se I work with reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) and the increasing external stress threatening the Sámi traditional reindeer husbandry system. PhD student in Biology In REINFORCE

Stefan Gunnarsson

stefan.gunnarsson@slu.se Senior lecturer in sustainable animal production in large herds, with special responsibility for extension service Doctor of veterinary medicine, PhD, Associate professor,

Double success for young researcher

At this year’s ISAE congress, the New Investigator Award was awarded to SLU-researcher Maria Vilain Rørvang. As a young researcher, she also received a 4 million kroner funding from Formas. “Maria

Cancer Treatment with Immunotherapy – From Human to Canine

- I want to take research a step further than just an article. My research has led to companies, job opportunities, and to research resulting in products and drug candidates used in society," says

NordCAW seminar on horse welfare

NordCAW seminar on horse welfare elin.spangenberg@slu.se Welcome to the NordCAW seminar on Horse Welfare in relation to the use of horses in equestrian sport. Equestrian sports engage many

Feed Additive to Reduce Methane Emissions from Cows Tested in Sweden

Does a methane-inhibiting feed additive work better when cows are fed with high-fat Swedish oats? That's what Mohammad Ramin's research team at SLU in Umeå aims to find out. The additive Bovaer (DSM,

Gun Bernes

gun.bernes@slu.se I am a researcher and work with small ruminants and dairy cows. The projects mainly deal with feeding, animal husbandry, animal products and buildings. In addition to research, I

Anders Karlsson

anders.h.karlsson@slu.se I am an animal scientist and professor of meat science. My main interest is questions related to how production factors affect the eating quality of meat. In addition, I am

Visit by EU ministers

Under a clear blue sky, SLU received 150 guests at Lövsta agricultural research consisting of the EU's agriculture and fisheries ministers and the Special Agricultural Committee (SJK). SLU's