6 May

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Webinar: Agroecology - crossing paths on the way to sustainable food

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Interested in learning more about Agroecology? The webinar "Agroecology: crossing paths on the way to sustainable food" will focus on how to make a transformation towards a sustainable, global food system. Professionals with different backgrounds will discuss the subject during a live-streamed webinar.

The annual Agroecology conference will this year be a webinar for everyone to join. 

"This unique format will present insights into the different facets of agroecology and is going to channel the experiences and perspectives from praxis, science, governmental and non-governmental actors.

Whether you are a newcomer or an expert, the broad mix of participants will provide you with an opportunity for a refreshing dip into the colourful world of agroecology where you can widen and challenge your own perspectives." 

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