Best Practice-projects 2023

Last changed: 04 September 2023

The LTV faculty allocates Best Practice funds annually to provide teaching staff possibilities to develop the quality as well as the content and pedagogics in teaching at bachelor and master level.

SLU are to conduct education based on scholarship or artistic practice and on proven experience (The Swedish Higher Education Act, Chapter 1, 2§). The faculty’s Best Practice funds intends to contribute to ensure that our teaching reaches the learning objectives stated for vocational programmes, as well as for general programmes and single courses.

Teaching staff at the LTV faculty are hereby given an opportunity to competence development, by deepening their knowledge within a field, increase their knowledge about the industry – its conditions and student’s competence needs for a future professional life and/or to develop subject relevant pedagogics.

Decided Best pracice-project 2023

Deputy Dean decided the following projects are funded in 2023:

  • Marie-Claude Dubois, Torsten Hörndahl and Knut-Håkan Jeppsson for the project ”Advanced Excel sheet for steady-state heat balance calculation and dynamic energy simulations for animal stables” with 125.000 kr,

  • Johannes Albertsson for the project ”Växtodlingsplanering med hjälp av Nya Dataväxt” with 125.000 kr,

  • Jonatan Leo, Helena Persson, Frida Andreasson, Åsa Ode Sang, Cecilia Palmér, Henrik Sjöman, Björn Wiström, Kimmo Rumpunen and Karin Svensson for the project ”Campus Alnarp som Botanisk Trädgård - en förstudie kring vad det innebär, dess potential för undervisningen och behovet av en ny växtdatabas”, för delen som berör växtdatabasen, with 100.000 kr,

  • Thomas Randrup for the project ”Landscape Governance Compendium” med 180.000 kr,

  • Malin Eriksson for the project ”Estetisk hållbarhet som ramverk för att addera ett kritiskt förhållningssätt till estetik i landskapsarkitekturprogrammen” with 150.000 kr,

  • Anders Kristoffersson, Sixten Lundqvist and Linn Osvalder for the project ”Digitalisering i bygg- och förvaltningsprocessen” with 200.000 kr, samt

  • Ishi Buffam for the project ”Keeping up with Climate Change - Updating the Pedagogy for Teaching Climatology and Climate Science in the Landscape Architecture Program” with 120.000 kr.

When the projects have been reported, the reports are linked in the titles above, so that everyone can take part and be inspired by the knowledge.

Decided Best practice-projekt 2021-22

Deputy Dean decided in 2021, that the following projects are funded:

(projects in Swedish only)

When the projects have been reported, the reports are linked in the titles above, so that everyone can take part and be inspired by the knowledge!


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