Loaning of SLU electric bicycles

Last changed: 20 February 2023

A chance for employees to try cycle commuting.

SLU is offering its employees the chance to loan an electric bicycle. We think this is a great alternative to commuting with a car and hope that as many people as possible will give it a try.

Choosing a bicycle instead of a car contributes towards a better environment and cleaner air. With the help of an electric motor it is also possible to cycle longer distances even with some hills and crosswinds and arrive a little more quickly.

As an employer if we allow our employees to use the electric bicycle privately a taxable benefit is derived for SLU. Presently this is 100 kr/month which will be deducted from the employee’s monthly salary.

Electric bicyles may be booked at the Servicecenter in Alnarp via or via visiting in person.

The bicycle may be collected from SLU Service department in Alnarpsgården, to the left when you enter the building, on Monday between 12:30-14.00 and returned the following Monday between 08:30-10:00. The loan time is 7 days, if you wish to extend the loan time, please contact Servicecenter to check availability and to sign a new agreement. Under this loan period in the event of a problem with the cycle, a potential problem being detected or should you have any questions you are welcome to contact SLU Service at 040-415600. The bicycle must be locked inside overnight and it must be returned in the same condition as when it was collected. Details are in the contract that you will sign prior to loaning the bicycle.

Use in work

Assuming that an electric bicycle is available it is naturally possible for SLU employees to use the bicycle during working hours.

Booking in these cases can be done for a maximum of one day. The bicycle can be booked in the via or via visiting Servicecenter in person. The booking must be made at the latest 12:00 the weekday before. The bicycle may be collected from SLU Service department in Alnarpsgården, to the left when you enter the building, at 09:00 on the day of booking and return the same day at the latest at 16:00.


There is an on/off button for electric power and the electric motor has five modes that provide assistance 25 km/h. With braking motor assistance is disengaged. We recommend that electric power is not used when cycling at low speeds, red lights or during stop-start cycling as acceleration can feel rather unexpected when resuming from a stopped state. For electric motor usage it is necessary to peddle at all times.

Information about the bike

Our bikes are from Crescent, with an adjustable saddle and a basket. A helmet is provided when you loan the bicycle.


There is only one key for the bicycle. This will allow locking of the frame using the bar at the rear wheel and in addition removal of the battery. There is a locking loop provided with the rear wheel lock allowing the single chain to be linked around the front wheel and also locked around an immovable object. It is suggested that the chain is stored in the basket when the cycle is in use. The bicycle must be locked inside overnight.

The battery

The battery may be removed with the key provided and a charging cable is included. One charge will on average provide assistance for around 40-60 km. If you think that the battery is not assisting properly:

  • Ensure that the battery has been fully charged.
  • Ensure that the handbrake is not engaged.

The battery is of a lithium-ion chemistry and should always be charged under observation and ideally during the daytime when people are alert and aware of any potential problems. During charging the battery should be placed on a relatively non-flammable surface and kept away from flammable items.


Service Alnarp:
Phone: +46 (0)40-41 56 00