Access cards and keys

Last changed: 22 October 2020

Access cards

All staff and registered students (active in Idis) can collect an access card from the service centre at Sundsvägen 6.

Extended rights

If you wish to extend your access rights, ask your supervisor/course coordinator/line manager to file a service request in our reporting system specifying the category as Passerkort. Remember to give the students instructions for how to use the alarm system in the building(s) they will be accessing.

Access cards for temporary visitors, students and researchers

The directory administrator at the division concerned must register the temporary cardholder in Idis (as VERKSAMHETSAKTIV or EXTERN RESURS). Once they have been registered, they can pick up their card at the service centre. There is a limited number of cards available to borrow, but these are only used for shorter visits for a day or two.

For summer courses: File a service request for several access cards for students/teachers.

Extended access for course participants

Course coordinators who know in advance that students on a particular course will need access to other premises than classrooms, such as labs, can file a service request (category Passerkort) and ask for the course to be linked to a particular access zone. That way, students will automatically be able to access that zone provided they are registered on the course. In the service request, specify course name, course code, which room(s) students need access to and when (e.g. 8–17).

Allow a couple of days for processing the request. If the course code changes, access will be deactivated.


If you need a new key

If you need a spare key or a key for a new employee:
File a service request in the reporting system.

Use the category Nycklar.

You need to provide the following information: Name, phone number, division, line manager and the required access rights. You will receive a confirmation via email or phone informing you if there are keys in stock or if a key will need to be ordered.

If there are keys in stock, a key can be picked up from the service centre at Sundsvägen 6 after one working day the earliest or as agreed.

If a key must be ordered, you will be notified by email when it is available to pick up. Keys are usually available to pick within a week of ordering.

Lost keys: Email or phone 040-41 56 00. State your name, division and phone number. Ask to speak to the person in charge of keys and/or wait for confirmation.

Returning keys

All keys must be returned to the service centre at Sundsvägen 6. You will need to give your name, division and phone number.

All keyholders must sign for the keys they pick up. Information about who has signed for a key is stored in our key management system.

When a key is returned, this information is deleted and the signed receipt is destroyed.


Service Alnarp:
Phone: +46 (0)40-41 56 00